Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some History...of Sorts

I know that as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate history more. I say more, because in high school it was always my least favorite subject. Then I lived through 9/11 in New York City (and being in Time Square with my college classmates when the planes hit the towers) and my views on history suddenly changed. I now understood better the value of history and appreciate that it tells a story. It helps you understand what happened before, what happened afterwards, and well, what happened because of it. So to better understand our adoption story celebration, it might help to understand some of the timeline that got us here.

July 2009 ~ We moved to Minneapolis for my husband's job, our family consisted of Sam and I and our youngest daughter who was 5 months old. Load up the car, we are heading to the big city!

March 2010 ~ Some friends of ours, with four children of their own, took in a sibling group of three kids who had just entered into foster care (at the time, the three kids were 5, 4 & 1). I cannot get over how little this crew was when we first met them...so adorable!

Fall of 2010 ~ I was pregnant with our youngest son and we started helping our friends out more with their now seven kids total (four biological & three foster). We really had no clue what we were doing but discovered parenting tips along the way by watching our friends with their team of seven kids! At times it didn't seem like we were doing much but now I realize how valuable just having an extra set of hands to help really is.

March of 2011 ~ Our friends went out of town for a week with their four bio kids and we stayed at their house (with our youngest son & daughter) to watch their three foster kids. We had a blast and for the first time had a taste of what it was like to watch FIVE kids all at once! How did our friends do it with SEVEN??? Good thing Sam had taken the week off of work because it was a double team effort the whole time!

April of 2011 ~ We began the process to get our foster care license so that we could help out more with the kids when our friends went out of town. Having our license meant that we could care for the three kids in our own home which made it more convenient all around (with our youngest son now being 5 months old, we did anything we could to not have to tote the pack-n-play, swing, high chair, bouncy seat, extra diapers, bottles...you get the idea.)

June of 2011 ~ We were licensed for foster care in what seemed like record time! Our process only took TWO months, others in our class had been waiting for over six months. We had some quality licensing workers!

Summer of 2011 ~ With our new license, we transformed our house to put a bunk bed in our youngest daughter's room (along with the crib that was squeezed in there for our youngest son) and prepared our third bedroom in the basement for the boys to sleep in. With a low ceiling in the basement and another set of bunk beds we just warned the boys not to sit up in bed too fast!

November of 2011 ~ It became necessary for the three kids to have a forever home. We told the county that we wanted to adopt all three of the kids and began preparing our cozy home for a family of seven. Move the fridge a few inches so that we can all squeeze around the table...check! Find more dressers, maybe they will fit in the closet...check! Prepare every possible space to be used...check, CHECK! Let's do this!

December 30th, 2011 (morning) ~ The incredible decision was made with the county and our friends, that we would move forward with adopting the kids and that the kids would move in with us at the end of January.

December 30th, 2011 (afternoon) ~ We decided last minute to walk through a two story colonial house that our friends knew of, that was for sale. I had seen this house, dreamed of living in this house with a bigger family, but knew that the possibility of all things working together to live in this house seemed...let's just say slim to NONE.

January 2nd, 2012 (3 days after we walked through the house) ~ We put in an offer on the house and knew it would FOR SURE be a miracle house if this all "happened" to work out. I've lived long enough and endured enough things that this gal doesn't really believe in coincidences...but I do believe in Godincedents.

January 3rd, 2012 ~ We gathered at our friends' house to share the news with the three kids that we would be adopting them. This was one of the best experiences ever, there was no way that the night could have gotten any better, NO way! We were celebrating over ice cream sundaes when we got a call from the realtor...we got the house! As if I wasn't in shock already at the fact that we were jumping whole heartedly into adopting THREE kids...let's all move into a new house, with lots of space for everyone, where it can be "our" home...our "all seven of us" kind of, "our!"

January 21st 2012 ~ Gotcha Day! The three kids moved in with us (is this really happening?) and into our cozy house until we could close on the new house. We signed the papers with the county stating that we would be fostering the kids with the intent to adopt. This is usually referred to as a "foster-to-adopt" situation.

February 2012 ~ We moved into our new house...a new house with a fresh start for everybody!

November 17th, 2012 ~ Ten months from the day that we celebrated our Gotcha Day we finalized our adoption on National Adoption Day (literally, it was National Adoption Day...they have one every year). Normally the court  does finalizations on Thursdays, but we were able to pick to finalize on this extra special day that only happens once each year. Now we are no longer considered foster parents to our kids, we are simply their PARENTS! (Yahooooooo!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! We are waiting for our final homestudy so that we can adopt from foster care...we don't know who yet :)

    1. Erica,

      That is SO EXCITING! Finding out the "who" will be incredible. Keep me posted on how it goes!



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