Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Parenting Disclosure

We don't have a degree in parenting. (Do they even have those?) Sam has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and in Practical Ministry, but we don't have a Masters degree in family development, psychology, or anything like that (although I am convinced that those would have come in mighty handy).  We don't have over ten years experience of being parents, but what we DO have...

We DO have kids.

We DO love them dearly.

We DO believe that parenting involves purpose and passion.

We DO make mistakes and try to learn from them (we're constantly evaluating how things are going).

Yes, you can read books on parenting. We've done a fair amount of that. Yes, you can ask for advice from friends. We've done that too. Both of which have proved to be very helpful. We all learn in different ways, but what's important is that we want to continue learning! In any given day we (with almost no warning or heads up) try to remember everything that we have learned along the way for a specific situation and then we customize it. Every child is different. Every situation is different. Every parent is different.

I in NO way want to offer ideas that seem like they are "the only way." No way Jose! We have scrambled, we have learned by trial and error, we have FAILED. We just pick ourselves back up and keep going, keep loving, and keep learning.

When you instantly take three more kids into your home you don't have time to read ALL of the books or online posts or whatever else is out there that might help! So we prayed for wisdom, prepared for the unknown, and tried to parent with love. 

We spent time processing through things and getting on the same page as parents as to what were really the most important things. We made a list and we checked it more than twice. We realized we are on a MISSION. A mission to not create the perfect, most talented children ever...but instead to parent and make decisions based on how we want their character to be. It may not be the perfect plan (we're pretty sure there is no PERFECT plan), but it has definitely helped to give us vision and passion for this exciting journey of parenting!

So with that said, I will be passing along some of the things that we are learning along the way. I will try to share our successes and our failures in this wonderful journey of parenting. I'll probably even post things that down the road we decide didn't quite work or absolutely don't work at all...anymore. However, I know how tough it is to be a mom and if there is something that worked great for us, I would love to share it with that you can forget who said it and just have it help make life a little easier.

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