Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Barista Needed, Coffee Bar!

We have always enjoyed opening up our home and having friends, or soon to be friends, come over (pretty much anyone willing to take the first scary step inside. :-) As friends come in the door we will usually hang their coat (we live in Minnesooota!) and then ask the question, "What can I get you to drink...something warm?" :-)

We might not be a Starbucks (or Caribou for that matter) but I have some killer skills at hitting the "on" button and brewing a fresh, warm pot of cheap coffee. Of course, not everyone is a coffee drinker (or have decided that they aren't coffee drinkers when they are at our house. :-) So we have done our best to have other options tucked away in the cupboards (like hot chocolate, apple cider, and assorted teas.) 

Then last year when we transitioned from being a family of four to a family of SEVEN, life drastically changed, to say the least. When friends came over I could still manage to hit the brew button before they arrived but trying to do much of anything else was a challenge. Chasing around five little tornadoes while still trying to make hot chocolate...I'll let you picture what that looked like! :-)

I started thinking about some questions that had been going on in my mind since our family transitioned. 
  • How can we create a space where people still feel right at home?
  • The popular question of the night is always..."Is the coffee regular or decaf?" How can I let people know which kind I made?
  • Then there is the whole...not everyone is a coffee drinker, so how can I let them know that we have other options in the cupboards?
  • I always seem to be refilling our tree mug that holds six can we put out more mugs without it looking strange and creating a danger zone for little kids?
  • Personally, I really want to create a fun, colorful space...much like a coffee can I do that on a budget and by reusing things I already own?
Last month, I posted about some ideas that I had been brainstorming for our dining room and I finally took action over the past two weeks to get 'er done! Even through the good, the bad & the ugly...things finally came together.

If I have learned anything, when it comes to decor, it is that function and beauty are ALWAYS a possibility and when they both come together (even if it means some crazy ideas) GO WITH IT! I was now on a mission to design our perfect dining room space (for our family) complete with our very own re-vamped, No Barista Needed, Coffee Bar!
Here is a BEFORE shot with some of the things that I wanted to change...

Before shot of the dining room
  1. Finally replace the least favorite thing in the room!
  2. Switch around some curtains in the house to upcyle and give this room more of a bright and cheerful feel.
  3. Remove the plate rack and make room for a custom coffee bar, chalkboard display.
  4. Remove the doors, fill the holes, and paint the back of the shelves to bring in a fun accent color as well as create some added storage for the coffee bar.
  5. Add some unique art and re-do the coffee display (hopefully find some more mugs!)
  6. Change up the table setting to go along with the new coffee house theme.
Here is the transformation of how I turned, our regular every day dining room into a coffee bar atmosphere that will be welcoming to friends new and old!

a coffee bar in our home

I seriously NEVER want to leave my house again. If you are looking for me, you can find me right here!

The biggest addition was the custom chalkboard display. My inspiration for the whole design was the cup of java artwork to the left of the chalkboard, created by the talented Greta Sandquist. You can find other great pieces on her etsy shop here!

custom chalkboard coffee house sign in our home

The moment that I saw this lighting collection, I knew that this shade would be the perfect replacement to the chandelier. Not to mention that it was also designed by the fun and super talented, Sherry & John Petersik from Young House Love!

young house love lamp shade

Making use of the buffet drawers was the perfect place to put all of  the non-coffee drink options and give easy instructions on the chalkboard so that people would know where to find them.

using drawers to store tea

My love for candles, color & coffee beans finally came together, all in one place!

candles, color & coffee

Here again are the fun before & after shots!


after - our No Barista Needed, Coffee Bar!

Here are some of the "behind the scenes" action on how this all went down!
Enjoy checking out the behind the scenes and...Make Yourself At Home. :-)

Are you new to An Inviting Home? Here are some other fun posts that will tell you a little bit more about what is written on this blog. Also, if you are interested in finding out about my 2013 blogging goals, you can find those here.

 Thanks for stopping by! 
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