Friday, April 5, 2013

Delightful "Scentsy" Aromas To Welcome Guests

Last year a friend gave me a delightful gift and it has been one of my favorite things ever since. I received a scentsy warmer and just love this thing! 

What is a scentsy warmer? It is a holder that you can put scented wax into that melts when you turn on the bulb that is contained inside of the warmer. It even gives off a soft glow when you turn it on. 

scentsy warmer

Mine sits in our living room (out of reach from little fingers) and near our front door. It takes an hour or two for the warmer to melt the wax and then the aroma is so great. If we are having company over in the evening then I will usually turn my warmer on in the afternoon when I am doing my daily sweep through the house to tidy things up. 

I don't have to worry about forgetting that a candle is lit and the aroma that it gives off is way better than any scented candle that I have ever found. 

The wax bars come in little cubes so that you can add more onto your warmer as needed. One cube goes a looong way. I love that you can make the smell as faint or as strong as you like. I try to keep things pretty tame for guests that might be sensitive to smells.

little wax cubes

To change the scent you can simply heat up the wax and then pour it back into the plastic container and add a different cube.

I was given three cube packs with the warmer and also bought some additional scents at Walmart. They have their own version of the warmers and scents.

One of my favorite scents is the Spiced Apple & Clove. I've found that I really gravitate towards the Apple Bath & Body Works soaps too.

Who doesn't love a little Fresh Frazier Fir smell to fill the room with that real tree smell at Christmas time? Especially when you have had that same fake tree for nine years and running.

spiced apple cloves scent

Can you guess what my all time favorite smell is? 

With such a fun name, Mochadoodle it is. :-)

mochadoodle scent

Do you have any favorite scents? Do you use a warmer, candles, or prefer no scent at all?

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  1. I love using my Scentsy warmer and just found my new favorite scent Citrus Cilantro from ScentSations! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TT&J :)

    1. Awesome, I will have to try that scent!


  2. My house smells of cucumber melon currently... scentcy warmer with new scent purchased at menards. :) trying for a spring smell when its so gross outside today. -becca

    1. Becca,

      I was inspired by your idea and just switched to a spring smell as well. I am so glad that the weather outside is finally showing spring as well!


  3. Central Park Pralines! Great for a warm, cuddle in a blanket with a book and hot tea kind of feel.


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