Monday, April 15, 2013

My New Mantra...Enjoy Almost Every Moment

Kids grow up so fast, enjoy every moment!

enjoy every moment
I've actually been thinking a lot about this phrase. Mainly because of realizing how tired I am most of the time and how crazy the "now" years seem to be, but also because I know exactly how quickly time can go by.

I am a stay at home mom of a 2, 4, 4, 7, & (as of today) 9 year old.

I became a mom of five children within three years via birth and adoption. There's a good chance you've been a parent longer than I have.

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen this blog post that I linked too. If you are a parent of young children you will want to check it out, you might you will find it encouraging. I just smiled the whole time thinking how much I related to everything that he said...yep, everything.

The statement "Kids grow up so fast?" gets even more intriguing when we personally apply it. The case being that, our oldest daughter has only been living with us since January of 2012. We have celebrated two birthday of hers so far since she has been in our family. Last year, she turned eight. Today she turns nine, NINE!

Kids grow up so are tellin' me!

I remember months after the adoption having it hit me that we only had ten years with our precious daughter before she would be graduating High School and exploring the world on her own...TEN years...not eighteen, ten!

Just like that eight years were gone. We will never have those first eight years.

People say that childhood goes by fast and to enjoy every moment. As we celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday today this truth couldn't be any more real for me...well, the part about childhood going by so fast.

The part about enjoy every moment...who am I kidding? I am not enjoying every moment but I am enjoying almost every moment. Some days seem so long. Some moments I question if I am going to make it another hour.

You know those moments. The moments when you ask...

How can I convince you to stay in your bed?

You've wet your pants THREE times and it's not even 11am yet? Another laundry day it is!

Can you please NOT hit your sibling? No, really...STOP hitting your sibling!

Food...that is what we are having for dinner...FOOD!

Is this a big deal or a little deal?

Please don't mumble.

I can't understand you when you are screaming.

Nope, your birthday is STILL 11 MONTHS AWAY!

Today I am sure that someone will have to apologize to another sibling, someone will cause me to wonder if I am cut out to be a mom and most definitely someone will ask; "how long is it until MY birthday!?!" But there are also going to be a LOT of great moments mixed into today that remind me that my children are only going to be young once and I really need to enjoy almost every moment.

enjoy almost every moment


  1. Such a beautiful girl... nine, huh? I love her, her parents, and all her siblings too. By the way, when I was talking to her a couple of weeks ago, I mistakenly asked her if she took "both of her brothers" with her somewhere and she answered confused, "no, just two of them." My heart melted as I realized that she fully knows, realizes, and values that she is one of FIVE, not three, siblings.

  2. i cant believe she is 9 wow I started going to the church whne she was 7 wow wow she has grown up so much in the two years I have known her I love seeing her grow up and am so glad that I am apart of ur family :)
    love you guys,

    1. Chantal,

      She has grown up so much for sure...I'm glad you are here to watch it unfold. :-)



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