Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Returning Those Returns

I am an organizer at heart but never did I have a more organized house until this past year. Why?
  1. Our family almost doubled instantly and I was trying to wrap my mind around how to make everyday life work.
  2. We moved and gained a fresh space to brainstorm and create for our family needs.
  3. I discovered Jen's blog, I Heart Organizing! I wasn't a blogger at the time...just a desperate mom looking for some solutions and I found some! She has so many great tips and tricks and you too can read all about it. In fact, I would even suggest that you stop reading this post and just go to the mastermind herself. Warning: You will get sucked in! :-)
One thing that I first saw on Jen's site was the idea of having a "return box." Making returns at stores is getting easier and easier these days and having a set place for your returns is a brilliant idea. After all who wants to lose money because of forgetting to return something? 

Last year when we first moved in I grabbed some woven baskets that fit great on the top shelf of our coat closet. One of these baskets gained the label "returns." It is so great to toss things up there once I know that an item is going back to the store.

This has also been a great space to create our own little lost and found. 

With many guests coming in and out of our house it seems like something is always left behind. This way, left behind items have their own safe place to be in until they are reunited with their owner.

I just went through our basket and cleaned it out for Spring. The snow is finally melting here in Minnesota. That is reason alone to do a happy dance! Not to mention that the return box is all cleaned out and emptied. :-)

Do you have a return box or a way that you utilize remembering to make returns?

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