Monday, April 8, 2013

Showing Each Child How Much They Are LOVED!

As our family grew over the last few years I often wondered; how can we help each child know that they are loved individually even with other siblings? This has been a question that we have asked ourselves a lot over the past year as we have become an adoptive family and grew to 5 kids overnight.

Whether you are going from one child to two or six children to seven you might be asking yourself a similar question.

When Sam and I are both home putting the kids to bed, we will usually have them all gather in the boys room in our family gathering place. All of the kids have their jammies on, teeth have been brushed and we'll sit on the big bottom bed and read a story together. 

Then we pray with the kids...mainly for everyone to have good dreams, "happy hearts" the next day, and for no bad dreams with monsters...ya know, the usual stuff requested by kids and their parents :-)

Then we do something we started doing back when we only had our youngest daughter, after we pray mommy or daddy will start singing the song, "Jesus Loves Me" and everyone joins in and begins to giggle because they know what is coming next. 

When we come to the end of the song instead of singing, "Yes, Jesus loves me" we sing, "Yes, Jesus loves (insert oldest child's name)...Yes, Jesus loves (insert next oldest child's name)...and on and on until we have come to the youngest and have sung through all five of the kid's names.

When we sing each child's name all attention is turned to them and they usually blush or smile...and we tend to tickle or hug them at that point...the kids came up with that part one night. :-)

Everyone laughs and anticipates when their turn will be.

We try to do this every night and when we do my heart smiles. Sam and I love our kids more than words can say. However, there is one person that loves them even more than we do, and that is Jesus. Our greatest desire as parents is for them to know God, His love for them, and His love for the world. And what better way to demonstrate the love of God to little kids in a tangible way than singing and snuggling?

 How about you, what are your bedtime routines?


  1. LOVE this!! Great reminder to teach our kids that they are *individually* loved by us and *individually* loved by their Father in heaven. Beautiful.

  2. Really do love this. I sing many a rhyming song with my boys names inserted but I'm gunna have to use Jesus loves _____. Too great idea. Also love the pics of your giggling kiddos. :-) makes me smile. -becca

    1. Becca,

      I bet your boys are so blessed when you sing their names, so sweet!



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