Friday, April 19, 2013

The Number Seven

*As we speak our family is in warmer temperatures (any place is warmer than Minnesota) soaking up the fresh air and enjoying some time together. We were crazy enough to attempt this trip and since today's post was scheduled to publish today let's just all assume that we made it all in one piece. :-) I'll be back on the blog on April 29th. Until then you can check in on Instagram to see how the trip is going.

I'm excited to share a five minute...less than five dollar project that I completed before the trip.

I like the number seven. Most likely because we are a family of seven and seven was also my jersey number in high school when I played volley ball. I was in Target to buy toothpaste and walked past some end caps and spotted this...perfect!

the number seven so lucky

The price tag...even more amazing.

clearance item at Target

While I was instantly thrilled with the "7" AND the price tag...the "so lucky" part, not so much. I tried to convince myself that it could simply mean that we were so lucky to be a family of seven (dream come true kind of lucky.) However, just like my husband's impression when he first saw could be misinterpreted to mean that we were saying seven was our lucky number. In our house we don't believe in luck but we do believe in miracles.

For the price, I figured there had to be something that I could come up with to fix this minor detail.

editing the number seven sign

 I broke out some on hand supplies and within a few minutes we had a solution.

the number seven and the crew

Nowadays I always sign cards "love, the crew" so it seemed pretty fitting. 

During this same week, a friend gave me a lamp shade that she had found at Target on clearance. The price was so good and it made her think of me when she saw the colors so she grabbed it (she might just be one of the sweetest people that I know!)

I already had a lamp base that was perfect to go with it. 

I took my re-vamped "7" sign, my new lamp shade and mixed things up on our piano for some cheery Spring decor. It may be April 19th in Minnesota with snow covered grass but at least my piano knows what time of year it is. :-)

new lamp shade and spring decor

Have you switched anything around in your house for Spring? Or maybe you found a great deal recently that you couldn't pass up?

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  1. u are so talented I never new that was not the way u baught it :) I love u so much and miss the crew nursery was not the same with out J.
    love u guys- chantal

  2. Does it count that I totally painted my boring brown chair blue in a very spring friendly shade? Now I'm trying to decide weather to paint my dinning room chairs the same color..... all because I was inspired by your blue/aqua paint lately. :-) -becca

    1. Yes, I love it! Spring is finally here! I say go for the gold! Translated to mean...go for it and paint the dining room chairs a pretty blue! :-)



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