Monday, May 6, 2013

"A Happy Heart"

Years ago we were a married couple with no kids in the mix yet. Whenever we would spend time with Sam's sister and our little nephew we would hear them talk about having a "happy heart". I'll be honest, at the time I thought it sounded silly, now my views have changed. The importance of the attitude of our hearts has set in and "happy hearts" is now one of the things that we hope for as we parent our kids.

We use it everyday at home. 

In fact, our daughter's school teacher told me that they have even been incorporating it into their class as well. I guess good things spread fast!

Having A Happy Heart

We use it as positive reinforcement pointing out when our kids are having a "happy heart" or as a reminder by saying, "let's all have a happy heart!" Or, sometimes when someone is grumpy, we might say, "Are you having a happy heart?"

And then there are those moments when daddy asks mommy, "Are you having a happy heart?" I just smile through clenched teeth and remind myself that mommy needs to have a happy heart too. 

The truth is that the kids get it and it has become the easiest way to get at the heart of the matter. By always reminding them that the most important thing is not how we act, or what we don't do, but about the attitudes that we live our lives with...even if sometimes that means choosing to have a happy heart.

If you were peeking through our window at dinner time I can guarantee you that one of the kids' prayers would go like this: "Dear God, thank you for this food and help us to have happy hearts..AMEN!" 

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  1. Couldn't agree more! We use the same phrase in our home all the time along with variations such as, "serving heart," "unselfish/selfish heart," "grumpy heart," etc. Because you're right- the state of our hearts is what matters most to God, so it should be what matters most to us. :)

  2. Sarah,
    It was several years ago that I spent time with my friends in Michigan, I heard the phrase several times, sometimes coupled with a not so "happy hearted" child going up to their room to sort things out. When I heard it and saw what a truly joyous home they had... you could say I was sold :)
    About a year or two later when my sister came to live up here, we rented an apartment together and I remembered about the "happy heart". It just seemed right so I started using it with my nephew. Apparently it stuck and caught fire, for which I am glad and grateful to the Smith family :) No doubt my son will be hearing it too! I'm blessed to read this article. Keep up the good work that only you can do!

    1. Bet,

      It is so great to hear where this originally came from! It works so well with kids, I am sure that the fire will keep on going! :-) Hugs to you!


  3. just saying it is such a blessing to hear ur kids pray.
    love chantal


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