Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A New Trend...A Scarf Bar?

When we moved into our house there was a random towel bar attached to the back of our master bedroom door. I say random, because we hang our towels in the bathroom so we knew that we wouldn't be using this towel bar for towels. For months I debated taking it down but those things can be attached pretty secure. While eventually painting the bedroom door is on our to do list I didn't want to force myself to take on the project because of having a botched up door (or lots of screw holes) after attempting to remove this unused towel bar. 

empty towel bar for storing scarves

A few months ago, I randomly hung a scarf on this bar. In that simple action I came across a unique way to utilize this storage space in a way that I could hide the fact that it really was...well, a towel bar.

I now had a place to corral my scarves so that I could see them everyday and easily pick out which one I want to wear! :-)

use a towel bar to store scarves

I also love how the "organized clutter" (along with my bracelet holder not too far away) adds some color and pizaz to my neutral colored bedroom. It makes picking out my outfit for the day that much more fun!

use a towel bar to organize scarves

In case you don't have a random towel bar installed on the back of your bedroom door... :-) Here are a few other creative ways that I found online to organize scarves. 

Use a hanger

use a hanger to store scarves

Use some shower curtain rings on a hanger...

use shower curtain rings to store scarves

And well, it looks like someone else figured out 
the whole use a towel bar idea way before me.
 And to think that I was wanting to take this towel,
I mean scarf bar down. :-)

use a towel bar to organize multiple scarves

How do you store your scarves? 

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  1. I love your scarf bar :) I've been storing my scarves on shower curtain rings attached to a hanger (like the second example). However, I find that they always end up sliding to one side and making the hanger hang crookedly. I know it's not a big deal, but it really annoys me.

    I don't have a random bar on the back of my door, but I do have a practically empty (clear) over-the-door shoe holder. I'm just not sure if my scarves would get too wrinkled. I'm thinking I'd have to roll them to keep it organized, but it would definitely free up some space in my closet.

    1. Allyson,

      Now that you mention it, I can see how everything sliding to one side could be a problem with the shower ring idea.

      I think rolling them sounds good and the fact that the holder is clear would make it really pretty with the scarves showing through and super easy to pick out which one you want to wear.


  2. when I lived at AP I had a towel bar on the back of my door and in my closet and it deff became a scarf bar.

  3. Love this idea! I'd prob do the inside on my closet door!

  4. What a fun way to turn something around. I bet it does make it fun to get ready in the morning. Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.

    1. KC,

      Fun indeed, thanks for hosting the party!


  5. Don't you love it when you randomly figure things out? The first picture that you posted with the scarves on the hanger is the exact way that I store my scarves and I keep them in the front hall closet. It's funny how so many people get the same ideas. I love looking online for clever ways to store and organize things.

    1. Amelia,

      I totally love it when things randomly come together! :-)


  6. What a great idea. I think I need to do this. Thank You so much for sharing on last weeks party. Hope to see more from you on my next party.

  7. Good use of the towel bar! I'm currently using the hanger method, but out of sight = out of mind, so some scarves I really like get ignored! I might have to make use of this idea!

    1. Ashley,

      You should totally try definitely helps to have all of the scarves out in the open. :-)



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