Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Reality...Birth Certificates

The Reality... is a series of posts that give expression to what life is like
going from being a family of four with two small children,
to instantly becoming a family of seven 
when we adopted our three oldest children.

We've done our best to be intentional with spending individual time with each of our kids. Don't worry we aren't perfect at it...Sam and I haven't had a planned out one on one date with each of the kids in over three months.

Right after I write this post I'm planning on working on our calendar. 

A work in progress, right?

Sam will be flying down to Mexico in July. He is speaking at a conference in the same town where he grew up. It has been so interesting trying to explain to the kids about where daddy grew up. How he's not Mexican because he wasn't born there but he is Mexican because that's where he grew up and called home for 18 years.

It is a foreign country to them and the only reality that they see that reminds them that daddy didn't grow up in the USA is when daddy starts talking "different" to other people. Something that they now know is called Spanish. 

We would love to take all of the kids down to Mexico someday but that would have to be a planned out and saved up for trip, so we are thinking that we will wait until our youngest is a bit older...that gives us a few years to save up for it.

In early April Sam and I were talking about his upcoming trip and we both had the same idea: We want to surprise our oldest daughter with a one on one trip to accompany daddy on his trip in July. She is nine, she would LOVE it!

I was on the fence of totally pulling the trigger on this, because of the cost factor, but then that same week I read this great post, written by a dad. (You've got to check out Shaun's bio...he is "his household's reigning Candyland champion"...I mean, how cool is that?) I concluded that our daughter would have a once in a lifetime experience...just her and her daddy!

The only thing standing between her and that surprise trip...a birth certificate. Definitely something necessary to have in order to apply for a passport.

We adopted our three oldest kids through the foster care system. We had a wonderful experience with the various social workers and judge in making the adoption official. On the day that you finalize at the courthouse you also sign some paperwork to request new birth certificates for your kids. Our oldest three kids are biological siblings and so we did this one time all at the same time. 

We were told that things were a little backed up and it could take a few months. It has been almost six months and we are STILL waiting.

Has anyone else experienced a delay like this?

I guess this is one of those things that you learn as you go. I'm sure experiences vary based on state, type of adoption, etc. 

Sam tried calling a number we were given to check up on it and the voice mail said that because they were under staffed they would only be returning calls on Wednesdays. It has been over a week...Wednesdays have come and gone and our numerous calls have not been returned.

Here is to praying and hoping that those birth certificates show up and show up soon!


  1. omgoodness how lucky. I may be wrong but isn't there an age where they don't need a passport but then again that could have changed I mean I remember going to Canada, the Bahamas and I was like 11 and under and no passport needed.
    then again that was well over ten years ago I am how ever 23. - Good luck I hope and pray it comes into the mail today.
    love u guys so much- chantal

    1. Chantal,

      You went to the Bahamas? Lucky! :-) Up until a few years ago you could enter Mexico without a passport as long as you had your birth certificate. Now they have changed it where everyone needs a passport.


    2. yea I don't remember how old I was but I was under 16. I only remember that because I found it funny that I got my jetski licence b4 my real licence lol. that is such a bummer I vote u guys buy a time machine and just use that.

  2. I will definitely be praying for that...that would be an amazing experience for both of them. Lord, expedite those birth certificates!!!

  3. I truly hope this all works out. If so, if will be an experience she will always treasure. :) My husband and daughter had a trip together to Washington DC and had a blast! Lots of bonding time and good memories were made. :)

    1. Julie,

      That is so awesome that they got to do that! What a memory maker!



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