Friday, May 24, 2013

What Would You Say Your Decorating Style Is?

I am drawn to certain decor and realize that my style has evolved and changed since I first started decorating the different places that we have called home over the past nine years. Now I would say that I prefer a more mixed look; modern, vintage and using what we already have so I should just say that my decorating style is now, eclectic.

We feel blessed to have the furniture pieces in our home. I tried to go neutral when deciding on them. Some pieces are from back in the day and some we acquired more recently. I like design and decor but not enough to change my whole house completely. I'm definitely ok moving forward with this whole eclectic look knowing that I can mix and match styles and use what we have. 

I have had such a hard time styling our living room bookshelves ever since I painted the back of the shelves teal. We love the built-ins and the space that it provides. My husband was thrilled to finally have a space for his books that had been tucked away in boxes with nowhere to go. The stylist in me wanted the space to be functional but also have some beautiful pieces in the mix. Slowly I took some of the books upstairs to our bedroom bookshelf and have mixed in other items to add some depth. Anyone who regularly comes into our home has probably seen this space changed numerous times. What can I say, I try something and if I'm not sold on it then I move things around (during nap time) and try again. :-)

Recently I've added a few small pieces into the mix that have helped bring in my current tastes and blend with the items that we already owned. It seems to always be a work in progress but I am loving the current results.

This initial, representing our last name, was a fun purchase from World Market. I liked how it had a teal background but brought a pattern into the space and some more vibrant colors. 

initial from World Market

For the first time I got the chance to walk into a CB2 store (and not just browse online) and ooh and ahh at all of the amazing colors and brilliant designs. I love a good tea light and this one was so cute. It found the perfect spot perched at the base of our tree frame. 

modern tea light holder from CB2

In trying to style the shelves I knew that a book end would be helpful but I didn't know that I would find one this adorable. It was another great buy at CB2. I was considering spray painting it white but once I rearranged the books a little I thought that the pop of yellow was a fun element.

"The End" book end from CB2

All together I love the look of books, meaningful pieces and some great new interesting finds that bring a little more modern feel into my eclectic look.

styling a bookshelf

What would you say your decorating style is most like? Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Traditional, Asian, Shabby Chic, Country, Vintage, Hipster, Other? :-)

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  1. My friend Sarah O. (I have so many amazing friends named Sarah!) and I had this discussion not too long ago. I can't figure out what my style is! I need to find some kind of quiz to take that will tell me! i love your eclectic style. Possibilities are endless with pops of color and bright cheerful accents!

    1. Sierra,

      I would bet that there are lots of quizzes online. You should totally google it to find a quiz and then let me know what style it tells you is know, something to do in your free time. ;-)


  2. I think it looks perfect Sarah! I agree the possibilities with an eclectic style are totally freeing! XO, Aimee

    1. Thanks Aimee, totally freeing indeed! :-)


  3. I like to rearrange things during nap time as well. I save the bigger projects for weekends. Last weekend my husband and I moved 5 bookcases up from the basement and a 5 x 5 expedit down to the basement (so it had to be completely disassembled and reassembled! I was so close to opening the front door and throwing the pieces on the front lawn! I don't think my husband would have minded). Luckily my son took an extra long nap that day. Wasn't that nice of him?

    Anyways, I don't know what my style is. I haven't been living on my own for very long so I'm still just learning what my own style is after years of living with my Mother's style. I tend to lean towards very traditional pieces. When I was a child I remember liking "french provincial". What child even knows what that is? But I like traditional pieces in really dark woods, but I also have a lot of Ikea which is definitely NOT traditional. So I guess those are more modern. And I have a mix of wood tones in the house: as light as birch and as dark as black. So I'm just sort of figuring out what I like and finding ways of making it work. If I look in a room and I feel happy, I know I got it right.

    1. Amelia,

      Wow, that is some heavy work. I can see how you were tempted to throw the pieces on the lawn. :-)

      I think you are totally right...decorating with things that make you happy is way more important than sticking to one specific style.



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