Friday, June 7, 2013

A Story Of How One Room Now Looks COMPLETELY Different

Last week I showed you this room that we have been living in and enjoying for the past year.

Funny story though, this room looks nothing like that now!

It looks like this... 

Here's the story...

It all changed two weeks ago on Memorial Day. 

First, I went to work cleaning up the space to stage things for the craft room pictures. We've been living in this space for the past year and had never gotten around to taking pictures. I went to work stacking the books, sweeping up the play-doh and beads, and I even removed the cords from the printer and cd player to make things look cleaner (tricks of the trade!) ;-)

After I took the pictures that I needed, with the beautiful (but bright!) morning light shining in, we spent time rethinking the room on how to best rearrange things for a NEW space that we needed. 

You see, I grew up on the East Coast. 

Then in college I met the man of my dreams. A year after we graduated we were married and I moved to the great state of Minnesota. That was almost nine years ago and we have been in the area ever since.

Hands down the hardest part was being 21+ hours away from my family. 

I loved everything about our new life together but it was hard to come to grips that the family that I grew up with and loved so dearly I might now only be seeing once a year, for maybe a week, if that.

My parents are some of the hardest working people that I know! My mom is retiring from teaching this year and my dad is recovering from back surgery. With all of that they decided to pack up and go on a grand adventure! 

A grand adventure to MINNESOTA!!!

Grandma & Grandpa are coming to stay with us for an extended time.

Dream come true!

We went to work brainstorming how to make an inviting space for my parents. We have a small guest room on the second floor but it also comes surrounded with kids bedrooms which can sometimes mean multiple wake up calls throughout the night. We wanted to give them a quieter space that they could retreat to with some more space.

Right after I got done taking the pictures on Memorial Day we completely re-configured the room. 

Now we have what we are calling our Grandparent Suite!

The best part was that everything that we used to create the space came right from our home. 

It was so great that we could use our Ikea furniture to section off the space from our family room. It still leaves light coming through into the rest of the basement and gave my parents a desk and storage. Good thing those wicker baskets were always empty from the start...more storage for them to utilize. :-)

And since we only use our family room at certain times throughout the day, mornings and evenings are somewhat quiet down there. :-)

We can still access everything on the shelves which is great!

The kids have been taking their art projects up to the kitchen table. They spread out to play games on the dining room table too. 

We might have lost our original craft space for the kids but what we GAINED by now having grandma & grandpa, right around the corner...TOTALLY worth it!

Have you ever taken a space and then totally changed it up? There are just so many things you can do to a space!

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  1. awesomesauce!!!!! someday I'd love a space like the meantime, g&g blow up the air mattresses and spend the night on the living room floor, their choice so they can spend more time with their grand kids. :-)

    1. Kate,

      I love that you just said, awesomesauce! :-) Any way to make it possible to spend more time with grand kids is great!


  2. love it! so glad they are coming :)

    1. Thanks Heidi, I still feel like I am dreaming! :-)


  3. I cant wait to meet them I know last sunday ur dad was there but he was in and out :) ur and amzing woman and PS is an amazing man and I love how u guys always put ur family first and not just ur kids but ur family :)

    1. Thanks Chantal, family means the world to us.


  4. Great Job! I know it's not always easy being a guest in someone else's home, especially if there are space issues. But it looks like your parents are going to be very comfortable in your home. And that will allow them to enjoy their time with family to the fullest.

  5. I love your reconfiguration! How fun to have grandparents for an extended visit! We love having our grandparents around too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my blog. I am thoroughly enjoying looking through your blog too! I'm following you on Facebook.


    1. Melissa,

      Grandparents are the best! Thanks for stopping by and following along. :-)


  6. It looks great! It does look cohesive and like it belongs there, which many times is not easy. Good job!

    1. Thanks so much, it was a joy to put together little by little.



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