Thursday, June 27, 2013

Staying Connected

It is kind of like when you move and send out "change of address" postcards...

only I'm not moving...

and I never remember to send out those cards...

but I AM very sad about Google Reader going away, a feature that I used every day to gather all of the various blogs that I read...all in ONE place...but on Monday that tool will be gone.

Change happens...

Today, I thought I would share some different ways to stay connected with An Inviting Home. 

I am using many of these ways to stay connected with that list of blogs that I have grown to love! 

Subscribe By Email: On the right side bar you can scroll down and see a box that says, "Free Email Subscription!" Enter your email in the box and hit submit to receive an email each time a new post goes up on An Inviting Home. Just be sure to follow the instructions as you will have to verify an email sent to your email address to complete the subscription.

Follow on Bloglovin': Are you dreading the disappearance of Google Reader too? Then you know that this is a new blog reader where you can setup an account and add the many great blogs that you like to read all in one place (Feedly is another great one that my husband likes). I'm still getting used to it but I love that it brings all of my favorite blogs together in one spot. You can follow along here

Follow on Instagram: This is a fun way to get a more behind the scenes look at An Inviting Home. Throughout the day I might capture a shot or two that reflects our every day life. You can follow along here

Follow on Pinterest: I don't "pin" everything that is created on An Inviting Home's site but I do try to pin some. What I love most about Pinterest is getting to pin inspirational ideas from other bloggers...have you seen all of their amazing ideas?!? You can follow along here

              I'm still plotting on how I can incorporate this into my kitchen in the future!

Follow on Facebook: Once you "Like" An Inviting Home on facebook then you can easily find the page by searching for "An Inviting Home" in your facebook search box and come and go as you like. You may also see some of the updates in your news feed. This is the place where I like to bring everything posts get linked up here, instagram photos, and I love to share links to other inspirational ideas or great reads from people around the is one big friendship world! :-) You can follow along here.

Here is a fun tip that I posted on An Inviting Home's Facebook page from A Thoughtful Place

What is your favorite way to follow blogs that you love? Mine is was Google Reader...I would say Facebook is my second and then...ahhh, who can choose...all of them are so different and fun!


  1. I follow u on FB and insta and well I follow u in real life too see u Friday :) oh and I have a windows comp so ur pined to my home screen u cant escape me muahhahaha.
    love u. sorry u have to do more work to follow peeps.


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