Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When A Junk Drawer Is Just...A Junk Drawer

Junk drawers, almost every home has one.

While I love an organized space I can totally live with a messy junk drawer. I like to have a place for everything, like a tote for returns and mailboxes for the kids, but sometimes there just isn't a good spot for that random screw that needs to go back on the cabinet or those piano books that no longer can be stored in your piano bench because one of your kids permanently broke said piano bench and you now use a chair from the kitchen instead. :-)

junk drawer before

Occasionally I weed out the junk drawer to throw out certain things (like those expired subway vouchers that my child brought home from school last year and I totally forgot about) and I also like to put other things back where they go. In reality, some things just don't have a place to go...except back into the junk drawer. 

cleaning out a junk drawer

The process isn't really fun but when you are cleaning out a junk drawer to still have a junk drawer you can always throw everything back in when you lose steam and hopefully by the end those piano books will fit in the drawer a little bit easier.

junk drawer after

Do you have a junk drawer? Really, I just wanted to say junk drawer again! ;-) 

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  1. Oh The Junk drawer... I think everyone has a spot! lol

  2. Sometimes dividers help, but yes most of the time it can hardly he helped!

    1. Sarah,

      My dividers are buried under those piano books. :-)


  3. Ha! We have a junk drawer that needs to be organized. But...I find just throwing stuff in the drawer (with no order) fun. I think that is my neurotic brain rebelling. ;)


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