Monday, June 17, 2013

When You Just Have To Turn The Music Up

Can we all agree that parenting can be tough?

Let's not stop can be TOUGH.

As a young girl I was exposed to the great and vast love that God pours out to all of us.

In the moments when I am weak, He is strong!

In the moments when I have completely failed, He is still there!

Lately, in those moments when things are just tough I turn up the music and the day always seems to look brighter.

That is the gift of HOPE and the LOVE that only God can give.

Why don't you try it, make sure your speakers are turned all of the way up. :-)

What do you do when life gets tough? How do you make it through those days when being a parent seems overwhelming?

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  1. I am not a parent. But I can agree with the life is tough part. And what I do is talk and hang out with my amazing family (church family that is). And I am getting better at praying and talking to our amazing heavenly father.

  2. I have played this over and over today.... thanks!

    1. Melissa,

      I am on 10 times and counting...

      I'm glad you are enjoying it! :-)


  3. Love this song! I've found it difficult to listen to when I'm driving though- hard to keep my hands on the wheel when all they seem to want to do is be raised in praise! ;)
    Thanks for posting!


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