Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Colorful IKEA Storage Container

This weekend I was able to experience going to Ikea with two friends. I've been to Ikea numerous times myself or with Sam kindly accompanying me. However, going with girlfriends was such a fun new experience! (I'm sure that Sam would agree that this is the way to go! ;-)

Especially when you have great friends who are smart & savy and remind you to check out the "as is" section. These two containers were the perfect shade to add some more pops of color to our home. 

Ikea Corral Container With Handles
With an "as is" price tag of $4 each I decided to buy them and figure out later how I would use them. I don't usually recommend doing this, but the color had me at hello! I figured I would come up with some way to use them...

Upon arriving home and unpacking my bag the idea came instantly. 

Ikea tealights

You see, I also love to snag tea lights (in bulk) whenever I make a trip to Ikea. 

Ikea container with handles

Up until now I have tucked them into a drawer but how fun to store them right on the mantel in this colorful container! 

Ikea candles in container

I'm leaning towards using the tall narrow container outside to store our marshmallow roasting sticks. Consider that a clue to the big backyard reveal that I will be sharing on Friday. :-)

Do you like to shop at Ikea? Do you prefer to go alone, shop with girlfriends or take your husband along? Does your husband enjoy going along? :-)

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  1. Love those containers. I need to go to Ikea soon. It has been a couple of months. lol If I have the kiddo in tow, I try to go on Tuesdays (kids eat free) and also make sure he gets to visit the kid section. Of course, I must always go to the as is section before I leave. ;)

    1. Julie,

      I have never tried out the Tuesday, kids eat free thing but it sounds like the way to go! :-)


  2. We're fans of taking the kids to IKEA on Tuesdays too. I actually try to plan any field trips that take us to that side of town for Tuesdays, just so we can stop for a free lunch on the way. :) And now, I just noticed, they even have a brand new organic kids' meal option, making it all the better! They're also my go-to place for home organization items- can't beat the prices! Looking forward to your reveal on Friday!!

    1. Kristen,

      I love how family friendly Ikea is...what a great place to go!


  3. I need to go to Ikea asap!! My husband hates going lol. I used to live 5 min from an Ikea but now its an hour and a half! Love those containers!

    1. Veronica,

      It sounds like you need to plan a day trip with some friends! :-)



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