Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creating Custom Sticker Labels For Toy Bins

I am thrilled with our new toy storage and our $1 bins from the Dollar Tree.

creating custom sticker labels for toy bins

Right after I switched to these bins I saw this post and was completely inspired by the sticker labels that Cas used on the exact same Dollar Tree bins.

dollar tree bins for toy storage

I wasn't able to track down how she made the labels so I came up with my best guess, tracked down some materials, tested it out and now want to share it with all of you!

I started by ordering one pack of 25 Clear Full Sheet Avery Labels, 8665. I used my prime membership with Amazon and paid $19.98 with free shipping. 

avery sticker labels

The next thing I did was stage a few toys from each bin on our mantel. Our mantel has a white background which worked great. 

creating custom sticker labels

I like to use to edit my pictures. It is free to use their site when you simply use their basic features. Go to their site and click on "edit a photo." Click on your picture and select "open." Now you can use the basic editing tools on the left to adjust your exposure if needed. 

custom toy labels

I brightened my photo just a tad and then used the crop feature to make a square. Click on "crop" and where it says "no fixed proportions" change that to "square." Now you can adjust your square to fit your picture and click on apply. At this point you don't have to worry about sizing.

labels for toy bins

Once I was done editing my photos I used a word document to print them. Open up word and select the "insert" tab at the top. Select "picture" and find and open one of your pictures. After your picture pops up you will see height & width boxes, all of the way to the right. Adjust one of those to 4.25 and it should automatically change the other one since it is a square. 

Move your cursor to the right of the image, click and then hit enter once. Repeat the process to insert another picture and adjust the height & width to 4.25. At that point you may have to bring the second picture back up to the first page. With these sizes you should be able to fit two pictures per page and at the right size to fit on the bins.

Insert your Avery Full Sheet Labels into your printer and print your word document. (I had centered my images on the document but that really isn't necessary.)

printing off labels for toy storage

Begin cutting directly around your squares.

toy storage labels

Once you have your custom labels cut and ready to go remove the backing and place them over the center area of the bins just beneath the handles. Begin at the top and press your label down on the bin to work out bubbles and get a smooth finish as you go down. Make sure that you press along the edges as a final step to ensure that the sticker has completely sealed to your bin.

toy storage label stickers

The only thing left is to have the "these are stickers but don't take them off of the bins" talk with your kids and you are ready to go! :-)

I love that you can create these functional toy bins with labels at only $1.40 each (not including the cost of ink) and easily add or change labels in the future as needed!

toy storage only $1.40 each

What do you think? Would this work for your crew? 

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  1. Awesome! Totally get the "these are stickers but don't remove them" talk, lol. I'm sure I'd have to have that with mine, 3 yo twins.

    Why did you go with see thru vs white labels, just curious?

    1. Kate,

      Good question! My answer...I'm not sure. :-) I think having a clear label made me feel like the bin wouldn't be completely covered by a large white square. However, I'm sure white labels would work too!


  2. This makes my organizational heart so so happy!

    1. Erin,

      I think that we have similar hearts! :-)


  3. What do your bins measure? I'm trying to order online. Thanks! Great idea!

    1. Ashley,

      Sorry for the delay in getting these measurements to you...I kept forgetting to grab my measuring tape when I was downstairs. :-) They measure a 10" by 10" square on the top opening and they are 7" high. Hope that helps!


  4. Just curious, now that you've had them for a year -- Are your labels still adhering? I need to replace our toy bin labels since the white address ones we used didn't stay stuck on.

    1. Christine,

      Yep, almost a year later and we haven't had any labels come off or even peel up. They have worked great!



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