Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr. Owl Saw It All

It has gone by so fast. 

A week at home with our four youngest while Sam and our oldest daughter are in Mexico

I surprised the kids by taking them to a performance of Willy Wonka at a local play. They loved it and I knew that it was one of those stretching and four kids all by m.y.s.e.l.f. 

It was fun.

I was also able to sneak away one evening for a few hours. I did some window shopping at Kirklands and found a colorful owl on clearance. I'm not one for filling our yard with decor (other than flowers) but this little owl found a special place to perch itself in a tree. 

You see this week we have also been working on a very special project.

A secret mission, so to speak...a mission called "Surprise Daddy!"

Everybody has played a part.

Many hours have been spent outside.

It will be fun to show you the transformation next week. At this point my lips are sealed since I am sure that Sam will be catching up on the blog during some layovers on their trip back. I'm proud to say that he is my number one fan. 

I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise before he got home.

I guess only Mr. Owl knows exactly what has happened and his lips are sealed. :-) 

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