Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Not So Picture Perfect Family Series: Sarah's Family!

In a world where perfect only looks perfect
we want to take a glimpse into the fun behind the scenes 
of that beautiful family picture and what 
you love most about your not so perfect family!

Today's Featured Family:
Sarah from An Inviting Home

Behind the Scenes: I would have loved to take some beautiful outdoor photos of our new family of seven. However, being that we were still new to having five kids, I felt that an enclosed space with NO fields for them to run multiple directions in was necessary. :-) Sure, doing the matching thing might be less popular these days but I loved that we would all look like the same family even if we don't all look alike. We bribed the kids (like any good parent) and promised them ice cream sundaes, if they smiled. :-) The photographer at Target was great and used a rubber ducky to get our youngest son interested. She had pulled the ducky back right before taking the shot above. Hence his outstretched arm which seconds later had him up and headed for that ducky! His shoes were also a few sizes too big but were also the only black shoes that we had for him. A few weeks after this shot was taken our youngest daughter got a hold of some scissors and cut a third of her hair off! She sported a strange half mullet for a few days and then we had it fixed into her new short do that we have kept ever since.

What I love about my family when I look at these pictures: These pictures were taken a few months before our oldest three kids legally became a part of our family . When I saw these pictures I could see what my heart was telling me ever since our family grew. We were a family...all seven of us. We may not all look alike, but none of that matters. I love that we smile and giggle in real life and even in the times where the smiles are faded, each person plays a special part in making up "our" family.

We would love to have YOU be a part of this series! Email us your family photo(s) at aninvitinghome(at)gmail(dot)com with a "behind the scenes" description and answer to the statement, "What I love about my family when I look at this picture:" If you are a blogger be sure to attach your blog name and we will link it to your family's feature. Check out more details about this series here!


  1. Sarah, you have a beautiful family! Ha! I think almost every kid (especially girls) cut their hair and or their Barbies hair. lol

    Thank you for sharing. :D

    1. Julie,

      Isn't that the truth! I just wish that I hadn't bothered growing it out so long for years before she cut it...although I guess in the end we did save a lot of money from not getting many haircuts up until that point! :-)


  2. jenthemotherhen@yahoo.comJuly 16, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Sent my picture in! Can't wait to see the others...:)

    1. Perfect, thanks Jen! I can't wait to feature your family! :-)



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