Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Not So Picture Perfect Family Series: Sierra's Family!

In a world where perfect only looks perfect
we want to take a glimpse into the fun behind the scenes 
of that beautiful family picture and what 
you love most about your not so perfect family!

Today's Featured Family:

Behind the Scenes: For my 30th birthday, I had the crazy idea that taking a family portrait would be a wonderful way to celebrate. We had never done family pictures as a family of five.  I carefully picked out our outfits, doing mostly neutrals with some pops of color. My hair was freshly cut (I wasn't in love with it, but oh well) and I felt like being bold with my new red lipstick and marigold yellow shirt. Max and daddy had their cowboy hats ready (I had to let personalities shine through even though cowboy hats weren't on my photo agenda.) Gabe’s morning dreadlock was combed out and covered with his fedora (he is a hair twirler, and when we got rid of his nuk this became his main source of bed-time self-soothing, ending up in a knotted dreadlock each morning.) And little Eli was calm and cool in his new striped shirt. We were all ready! Grandma and Grandpa even joined us. It was going to be perfect!

I learned quickly that family photo sessions just are not meant to be perfect. We had our pictures done by my photographer friend, Rachel Kane, near a sweet little creek and waterfall. It was so hard keeping the little boys from falling in or getting wet! My hair got flat. Gabe was crabby. Grandpa came to the rescue with a pocket full of butterscotch hard candies which cheered little Gabe up, but also made him look like a little chipmunk! But the weather was beautiful, and my family was together, alive and well. As I looked at the “imperfect” pictures that came from that “imperfect” day, I was able to see how rich my life is at the tender age of 30. What a great memento I have.

What I love about my family when I look at this picture: I love that we are all so different, so unique, and that our different personalities are definitely portrayed in this photo. I love that my husband’s smile is genuine. I love that Max felt confident in his hat and boots. I love that I’ll look back and remember that we got through Gabe’s “terrible twos” and that Eli was a super happy baby. 

I don’t have any outtakes from that day, but the picture below is a picture that my mom took a couple weeks later, that is totally “us”:spontaneous, wild and crazy, happy. Maybe we should stick to these kinds of family photos until the kids get a little older :)

We would love to have YOU be a part of this series! 
Email us your family photo(s) at aninvitinghome(at)gmail(dot)com with a "behind the scenes" description and answer to the statement, 
"What I love about my family when I look at this picture:" 
If you are a blogger be sure to attach your blog name
 and we will link it to your family's feature. 

Check out more details about this series here!

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  1. i am a photographer mostly document life as it happens but i do posed pictures too. i always love the imperfect part the most. i really love your second picture bc that's what motherhood looks like. keep taking pictures and be sure you get in them - you will love those the most.


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