Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Not So Picture Perfect Family Series: Lindsay's Family!

In a world where perfect only looks perfect
we want to take a glimpse into the fun behind the scenes 
of that beautiful family picture and what 
you love most about your not so perfect family!

Today's Featured Family:

Lindsay from Real Home Love

Hello! I am so excited about Sarah's new feature! And am so honored to be a part of it! Thanks for having me, Sarah! My name is Lindsay and here is our family picture that I want to tell you guys a little bit about. This picture was taken at my sister-in-law's wedding a month ago. Everyone is dressed up and looking at the camera, so it looks like a success, right? Let me tell you what was going on behind the scenes that day.


Behind the Scenes: I knew what the kids and hub were going to wear for the wedding, but in true girlish form, I couldn't decide. So, I went to try on a few dresses that morning with my mother-in-law and right when we were done and about to get into our van and head back to the family, I got a phone call. My husband called with my son scream-crying in the background. He said that our son had flown down a hill on his bike without knowing how to stop (a detail we maybe should have gone over before sending him down the hill) and was thrown over the handlebars face first onto a neighbor's driveway when he tried to stop. So, being the calm mom that I am when it comes to crisis, I got right into our van with my mother-in-law as quickly as possible so we could get back to the boys, put it in reverse and smashed into a parked car right behind our van. Panic much? So, our sweet boy had his first fat lip for the day of the wedding.


And, not pictured, a sweet girl had a smashed in rear bumper thanks to a super-terrible-in-any-kind-of-crisis-mom. So, after insurance cards were swapped and blood was wiped off, we got dressed for the wedding and this family picture was taken on a whim. The kids happened to be in the same area so I grabbed the nearest family member and asked them to snap a few pictures. Ok, at least 15 pictures. Hoping for a decent one...most looked like this.


 But a couple happened to look like this.


Which was miraculous. Never mind the fat lip, the cowboy boots because I didn't have any dress shoes for my son, or my barefooted daughter because she rolls her foot into a ball when I try to put dress shoes on her and who also has a death grip on a graham cracker. Or the bashed up car I backed into. Never mind, all that. We got a good picture where we look like we've got it together. 

What I love about my family when I look at this picture: Despite that crazy day, what I love about my family when I look at this picture is that our kids are truly the sweetest. They are such troopers. We have put a lot of hours in a car together this past year because we moved from Iowa to Wyoming and I am so thankful for such amazing kids. This trip was no exception. They just go with the flow. Fat lip and all. And these are sweet years. I know I will look back on this picture and ache for these days. As tired, sleep deprived, short on patience and long on band aids as I am in these young years with the kids, each day is so precious. So many tender moments I just want to hold onto like a death gripped graham cracker.

We would love to have YOU be a part of this series! 
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"What I love about my family when I look at this picture:" 
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  1. I love ur family pic so cute, and the story be hind it is kinda comical, I smashed into a parked are (no damedge thought) because my step dad told me my mom was in the hosp and I was speeding to get to her, it wasn't speed worthy she was fine. but I never noticed his fat lip til u pointed it out if that makes u feel better :)

    1. Haha! Thank you for sharing that and for all your encouragement! I'm glad you understand how this all went down! I am known for NOT being very calm in times of crisis! You too? Thankful your mom is ok though! Thanks for your comment!


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