Monday, July 29, 2013

Q & A With Our Oldest Daughter About Mexico!

We are thrilled to have Sam and our oldest daughter back from their trip to Mexico

Everyone was smiling when I picked them up at the airport and one day later the smiles haven't left! 

The main purpose of this trip was that Sam was speaking at a conference in his hometown where he lived until he was 18. We thought that this trip would be a fun opportunity for some daddy/daughter one on one time...mission accomplished!

Q & A on how Mexico was

Q & A time with our oldest daughter on how the trip went...

What did you think of the food? It was so good and I really liked the rice & beans with tortillas!

What were some of your favorite things that you did in Mexico? I loved swimming in the ocean, getting splashed with the waves, finding a big clam shell, hanging out with Abuelito & Abuelita and playing tag with the other kids there.

spending time with Abuelita

What animals did you see? I saw 4 pigs, an armadillo, 3 donkeys, 4 crabs and little lizards

What did you think of the people there? They are really nice!

What was something that wasn't that much fun? I didn't like it when my ears were plugged and hurting on the airplane.

What did you enjoy the most? Searching for rocks and seashells with dad to bring back to the kids. 

daddy/daughter trip

What was different about Mexico? They have coconut trees and there is a lot of Coca-Cola...I even got to drink some! (I reminded her that she only gets to drink Coca-Cola in Mexico. :-)

Would you go back again? YES!

Mexico Trip 2013

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  1. Looks like a fantastic trip! So glad that everything worked out for them and for the glory of God. :)

  2. How sweet is that, what a great memory for both of them and bonding time!!

    Where abouts in Mexico is your husband from?

    1. Kate,

      He is from the west coast region in the state of Guerrero.



  3. How fun!! Sounds like a fun trip and great experience!

    1. Indeed...I've been told by my daughter that she wants to go back and stay for 50 weeks! :-)



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