Monday, July 15, 2013

The Launch of a NEW Series!

At our adoption celebration we were given a gift by a dear friend. The gift was seven decals that represented our new family of seven and could be put on our rear van window. It was so fun to put the decals up and see each unique person represented in our family.

The kids loved pointing to the van and saying, "that's me!" It was a meaningful way that we were able to express to the kids that we are all one family...all seven of us!

Leave it to me to forget that our precious family was on the rear window when the first ice & snowfall descended on Minnesota. I broke out my window scraper and before I knew it everyone looked different!  


Did I really just do that? Where did my youngest son's head go? Somewhere into the snow pile, oh boy!


But then it had me thinking...

No matter how precious that first picture was it didn't depict our real family. In fact, this new one did a better job.

Perfection we are not. I'm pretty sure that we would all agree that there is no perfect family out there.

I try really hard most days to show my unfailing love to my kids, but this momma especially, has fallen more times than I could ever keep track of. I am so grateful that there is a God that loves each person in our family way more than Sam or I ever could.

Why do we think that our family pictures have to be perfect?

You know, everyone must be looking at the camera AND smiling AND give off that warm and fuzzy feeling ALL in that ONE moment. 

The reality is that no matter how perfect or not so perfect our picture turns out, one BEAUTIFUL family is represented and thank goodness that their love isn't determined by how well (or not so well) the family pictures turned out.

Even if it did turn out well, doesn't it seem a little ironic when we know what it took to get that shot?!?

Let's CELEBRATE family, the LOVE of family, and the special unique things that each member of YOUR family adds to CREATING your family.

I have seen some great family shots...ones that leave me thinking, look at how ADORABLE that family is! Let's do that and get beyond comparing our families. Let's instead embrace the similarities that we have as we all love well.

Behind every picture (even if it looks great) is a "not so perfect" story and more times than not it can keep us laughing and chuckling at the similarities that we all have.

We will get a behind the scenes look at what really went down to prepare for that picture, and each family will get to share what they love most about their family when they look at their picture.

  • In this new series we will feature families of all sizes.
  • We want to get to know YOU and your beautiful family!
  • We want to keep it positive and encouraging.
  • On varies Tuesdays, one family with be featured.
  • Submit your best family picture and/or a funny outtake family picture and tell us the "behind the scenes" story in two paragraphs or less.
  • Also include your response to the question: "What I love about my family when I look at this picture..."
  • Email aninvitinghome (at) gmail (dot) com with your feature!
  • If you have a blog be sure to include your blog name and link in the email and we will link back to it when we feature your family.
STAY is going to be FUN!

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  1. LOVE THIS! Love the picture of the decals. Youa re so creative!! Can't wait to get in on this:)

    1. Sierra,

      I can't wait to feature your family! :-)


  2. And you are almst at 100,000 views. How are you going to celebrate??!

    1. Sierra,

      I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!!! Just kidding...I had fun typing that though. ;-) Maybe I'll treat myself to a java chip frap from Starbucks...only the best! :-)



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