Friday, August 16, 2013

A Coffee Table, A Pear & A Yellow Can of Spray Paint

Years ago Sam and I went out on a date and hit up a furniture store...sounds romantic doesn't it. :-) It was on that date that we purchased our very first brand new piece of furniture. My kind of romance! Up until that point we had mixed matched couches, a handed down futon and some side tables that weren't being used by anyone else. 

Now, we had a brand new slate coffee table to go with our handed down futon. :-)

a square coffee table

This thing is massive and square and the tiles all come out (great for moving...not so much for being kid friendly though.) Our kids have learned to not touch the tiles and we love using the space when guests are over. There is plenty of room for mugs, setting out some desserts, or even using this as an eating space as overflow from the dining room when friends are over. 

It even has a handy dandy lower shelf for storing our scrabble game. Not to mention that the table itself works great for playing that game of scrabble by the fire, when kids are in bed (I'm currently the reigning scrabble champion in our home...the winner gets to sign the box each time so that is how I know.) ;-)


Now years later, the only downside of this table for my decorating style is how dark it is. I thought about spray painting it but realized that wouldn't work. Styling the top is a little tricky because of how tiny some things look on the table and yet wanting larger items to be kid friendly and not over take the look of the space. 

I picked up this pear tea light holder last year from HomeGoods.

a pear candle holder

You know how I am a sucker for tea lights.

HomeGoods candle holder

The pear has been on our coffee table but was a little lost with its size. It also didn't help the whole...this space looks too dark thing going on. Then in walked Mr. yellow spray paint to brighten the day! Honestly, I am not a pro when it comes to spray painting but this can said, "the no-prep, superbond paint"...sign me up!

Krylon yellow spray paint

I also found a table runner at Ikea on my recent trip. It had pears on it and the perfect colors. It was calling my coffee table's name...whatever that might be. :-) 

Ikea table runner

For a small price we now have the same great coffee table (and memories of that memorable date) and some fresh new color and whites to brighten up the space! 

I'm in love...again.

Ikea table runner with pears

yellow pear and table runner

And if for some reason you really like pears, Ikea sells the print in napkins too. :-)

pear napkins from ikea

What was your first piece of brand new furniture that you bought?

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  1. Looks great! Your pear matches my little potted plants!

  2. I like the pear table runner and napkins! Just perfect for this time of year. You did a great job spray painting the pear ~ it is lovely in yellow.

  3. I have that holder and now I think it needs to be yellow! So cute!

  4. Would you believe we've been married for 8 1/2 years and have never bought a new piece of furniture (unless our mattress counts). We also have 5 kids ages 6 and that probably explains why brand new furniture it's high on our priority list.

    1. Allyson,

      If it wasn't for the fact that we had five years of married life before kids came along then I think we probably would have been in the same boat. I'm glad that kids are a much higher priority than new furniture! ;-)


  5. My first piece of brand new furniture was nearly 13 years ago. I was living in Detroit and went to one of the most awful parts of town. They had this great yellow reverse camel back sofa and love seat. It was marked at $1000 for the set. As a single mom and not a lot of money, that wasn't going to I offered the owner cash. As he had to deal with stolen credit cards and bad checks, he gladly took my $650 cash for the set and even threw in a coffee table! I think that it may be time that we finally replace them lol.

  6. I love a little bit of yellow! It makes me smile! Hmmmm....a new piece of furniture? I wouldn't know one if I saw one. :)

    Happy day!

  7. The yellow is spectacular. Our first piece of new furniture was our first couch. We had to have a pull out sofa because our apartment bedroom was only big enough for dressers. So we pulled our bed out each night and put it back each morning for almost a year. That couch made its rounds in the family and has finally went to couch heaven last year. It was 23 in human years, not sure what that is in couch years.:)

    1. Ahh, couch heaven...where all the good couches that last a really long time go. :-) It sounds like it was a really useful piece of furniture!


  8. I love how just a little color, texture, and fabric can take a good quality (but not so stunning) piece of furniture and make it something special. Great post!

    Anne @

  9. Love that pop of yellow! Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? I also love the napkins and just bought some on my recent Ikea trip. I'm visiting from the It's Overflowing link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  10. It completely transforms the space the way you've styled the coffee table!

    I have been obsessed with yellow spray paint lately. Lighthouse, Birdcage, coffee table... I need work on my other creative outlets haha.

    Back on topic- I love how it turned out, you have beautiful taste!

  11. Beautiful! I spray paint ev-ery-thing! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers.

  12. Why does everything seem to look so much better in yellow? It is my new favourite colour as well! This looks great good job :)

  13. Where did you buy this coffee table. Ive been trying to find one like that.

    1. We bought it about nine years ago at a local furniture store.



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