Friday, August 9, 2013

Ambiance, Anyone?

When you live in the city you don't get to see all of those millions of gorgeous stars in the sky. There is something about twinkling lights in the darkness that puts a smile on my face. That being the case, I have always wanted to hang lights from a tree to create some outdoor, evening ambiance. The only problem is that we didn't really have a tree that would work...until now!

After trimming our pine trees to create a rustic retreat in the city, I finally had some branches that would be the perfect spot for some outdoor ambiance.

The timing was perfect since I had recently come across this great post on creating super easy (and INEXPENSIVE) little glass lanterns! Phew, since I was definitely pinching pennies after all of that mulch that I ended up buying for my recent project.

I followed Sierra's instructions and bought some craft wire at Walmart, along with some baby food jars. There once was a day where these jars were easy to come by in my house but with my youngest turning three in a few months he has been enjoying whole foods for a while now. :-)

So what is a mother to do but buy eight jars of the cheapest baby food she can find at the store. And of course being the frugal mother that she is she might even have her kids eat the baby food without even knowing it! Shhhh, don't tell them. Ok, so it was applesauce

Make a note: If you need glass lanterns and you don't have a baby at home...just buy applesauce. :-)

I hung the lanterns one by one, filling in spaces as I went.

While I was at Walmart buying the craft wire, I also came across some tiny vases and thought that those would go perfectly into the mix. I grabbed some artificial white flowers to place in them. OverallI thought it might add some variety in the daytime when candles aren't lit.

I love the way the tea light candles look in the jars along with the way that the sunlight hits the jars and vases and causes them to sparkle on a sun filled day!

Everything came together great, for a little bit of...

Mr. Owl was pretty excited about his new inviting home. :-)

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  1. Such pretty glass lanterns. I'm sure your family enjoys summer nights under the tree with such lovely lights. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.

    1. Tammy,

      Thank you so much and it was a fun treat to visit your blog! :-)


  2. i love baby food, mango is my fav, cant wait till ur sons bday is here.
    and i cant wait to see all of this in person


  3. Hi Sarah! What a neat idea, I love the little vase with flowers hanging from the creative! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. :)


  4. So pretty! I'd love to see some pictures at night =) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thanks, it is beautiful at night. :-)


  5. I love your hanging vases ~ that is such a lovely idea!

  6. I love this idea! Wish I would have kept all those tiny jars... I knew I would eventually come across the perfect use for them! Thanks for sharing XO


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