Monday, August 12, 2013

My Number One Parenting Tip

I met a new friend last week, she is great. She is also a mom of two precious little ones. 

I was inside grabbing something and she had a conversation with my mom outside. At some point in the conversation my mom told her about our alarm clocks that we use for the kids to keep them in bed each morning and down for naps/quiet time in the afternoons.

It is one of my favorite parenting tools that we use!

Tonight, I saw my new friend again and she was so excited to tell me that she tried the idea with her two year old daughter and loves it!

These are the kinds of stories that make me smile. When we can share ideas with each other that bring hope to the tough job that we have as parents. We all get tired, right?

Even if my kids do stay in bed in the morning, let me tell you some of the things that overwhelm me as a mom of five kids...taking all five kids to the pool (only one of whom passed the swimming test and can swim alone), packing everything that we need for a picnic lunch and swimming gear for a family of seven to go on that trip to the pool, the fact that the life guards kept having to tell my children to "stop running" over and over and over, having your child say that they have to go to the bathroom and then you return and the next child has to and then the next one...and I of course asked them every time..."does anyone else need to go to the bathroom?" 

The thing is, I still feel maxed out with five kids even if they do sleep in until 8am every morning. I felt that with one child and then two children and then...

I still have one more parenting tip that I have learned along the happens to be my favorite...even more so than the amazing alarm clocks from Target that you can buy for just $13.49!

My number one parenting tip through it all has been..."but God."

I can't be stretched anymore...but God. I can't make it through this day...but God. I can't clean up one more cup of spilled milk...but God.

My Number One Parenting Tip ...but God!

I read a beautiful post last week and knew right away that I wanted to share it with ya'll.

If you haven't grabbed your coffee yet, go grab a cup...put a Netflix episode on for your kiddos and read this...To Moms Of One Or Two Children.

I'm glad we are all in this together and I am glad that no matter what each of us face there is always...but God.

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  1. What a great link, and a great phrase! It's true that the more kids you have, the more you need God. (God decided to bless us with twins, so I went from none to two very fraternal [so what works for one doesn't work for the other], very active some ways, I do better with more kids than 1-2, but twins challenged me in ways I never expected.)

    1. Kate,

      Speaking from experience, twins are a challenge and a blessing all at the same time. :-) I am so thankful that God is able to walk along side of us in each and every step of the journey of being a mom.


  2. Everyday He continues to rock my socks off! Just when I think I cannot bear another another ___________ (fill in the blank with whatever the daily challenge is), God reminds me that I have been given everything that I need to live a godly life. Then I just tap right into that amazing love of His. Albeit, some days it is easier for me to tap into it than others ;)

    1. Angie,

      So true! Thanks for sharing. :-)


  3. Great post! I would have to say this is my biggest advice for every situation. I have had the opportunity to talk to many people going through physical difficulties and I always use the phrase "but God." The only way to get through any trial is to realize what God can do through you.
    2 Corinthians 12:9-10 I heard a message a few months ago entitled "But God", absolutely awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah,

      You are so right, this works in every situation. :-)


  4. This is such an encouraging post! I use a timer for multiple things like quiet time, time outs, time for sharing toys, etc.
    But yes I agree that the best parenting tip is going to Jesus for help for the things I cannot do on my own. He gives me patience when I'm not, He gives me a new perspective when I need it. I don't know what I'd do without Him!
    I'm stopping by from Inspire Me Please (#18 Chocolate Covered Pretzels) Have a great weekend!


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