Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Not So Picture Perfect Family Series: Hannah's Family!

In a world where perfect only looks perfect
we want to take a glimpse into the fun behind the scenes 
of that beautiful family picture and what 
you love most about your not so perfect family!

Today's Featured Family:


Behind the Scenes: In May of 2010 our family was preparing for a huge transition. We were leaving upstate New York for a new adventure in Minnesota. I was very excited, but it was also difficult for me because we were moving away from my side of the family. We decided to surprise them all with family pictures of us while we were still in NY, which also served to document our family as it was during the big change.

A photographer friend of mine has both an amazing talent and a laid-back approach that produces incredible pictures. I called her and set up the shoot. 

We agreed on a time that was perfect for outside lighting, but not so perfect for the kids' nap schedules and dinner time hunger. Oops. The beginning of the shoot went beautifully, and we got this portrait - my favorite of the day - of our family:

The baby wasn't smiling but she normally would have been sleeping, so I was just glad she wasn't too grumpy!

However, things began to deteriorate as we moved to a new location and our son realized we were getting out of the car to take even MORE pictures. He very reluctantly smiled for a few more, but when we asked him if he would sit down so we could get some pictures of just Mommy and Daddy, he completely lost it. What do you do when your just-turned-3-year-old starts to throw a fit in the middle of an overgrown field? You put him in time out, of course. 

So just after my friend snapped this:

She snuck over and got this perfect portrait of boyhood sorrow:

You might wonder what our beautiful baby girl was doing while all this was going on. I'll tell you. She was adding extra fiber to her diet by munching on grass. I guess it was just too long to wait for dinner.

What I love about  my family when I look at these pictures: I love that they remind me of both aspects of our life - pure joy in a beautiful, healthy family, as well as all the challenges of reality with little ones. As adults we know to put on a happy smile and pose for that perfect shot. Kids tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves a bit more. I actually think the picture of my son crying is gorgeous. It captures one aspect of his personality that just doesn't usually get photographed - he feels things very deeply.

A year later, on a trip back home, I asked my friend to snap some updated pics of the kids. She had a good enough sense of humor to send me some of the funnier picture "fails" as well as the cleaned up, perfect ones. That's how I got this gem of my daughter:

I plan to use this in the future to blackmail her. I'm sure I'll recognize the time when it comes.

What can I say? That's us...usually happy, sometimes sad, and quite often goofy.

We would love to have YOU be a part of this series! 
Email us your family photo(s) at aninvitinghome(at)gmail(dot)com 
with a "behind the scenes" description and answer to the statement, 
"What I love about my family when I look at this picture:" 
If you are a blogger be sure to attach your blog name
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Check out more details about this series here!

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  1. the time out pic is oh too cute I love it

  2. Oh the blackmail!!! So cute. Love seeing this...it reminds me of teaching. When my principal comes in to observe me, two types of studnets will emerge: The students who mysteriously do 10x's more work when an important person is in the room, and the type of student who calls you out with things like, "No, you didn't teach me that." or "Why are you so red Mrs. Miller?" It's never perfect!

    1. Kristin,

      Lol...too funny! That reminds me of when I took one of the kids to their wellness check up the other day. The doctor asked how much time our child watched tv. I answered, 30-60 minutes per day. To which my child said, "no we don't...we watch WAY more than that." The little bugger can't even tell time yet! I was blushing thinking how the doctor probably assumes that I let my kids sit in front of the tv all day and I just wanted to say, no I promise...only 30-60 minutes per day! :-)



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