Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Not So Picture Perfect Family Series: Jen's Family!

In a world where perfect only looks perfect
we want to take a glimpse into the fun behind the scenes 
of that beautiful family picture and what 
you love most about your not so perfect family!

Today's Featured Family:

Behind the Scenes: My family and I moved 3 years ago from Wichita to Topeka for my husband to go to law school. Whenever we come back for family visits at Mimi's house, we always have a crazy, fun, good ol' time! This photo is a picture my mother took. We were trying to have a nice family photo taken, since it was our Christmas celebration.  So, here you have four kiddos hyped up on excitement from visiting Mimi and their cousins, as well as other family. Sit still, look at the camera, smile....ummm, no. Not gonna happen :) There is entirely too much going on to stop and take a picture! Too much playing to do, too much feasting to partake in, too much fun to have!  This picture represents us. Chaotic, crazy, loud, fun, and most of all ~ happy!

Now, this next photo is obviously taken around Christmas as well. A few things are different here compared to the "not-so-perfect" picture.

Number 1 - we are at our home (not at Mimi's)

Number 2 - not one single cousin around (booooring)

Number 3 - already had dinner (no one is sitting there waiting to dive into the feast in Mimi's kitchen)

Number 4 - this photo was taken by our iPad....it was humorous watching the "photographer" figure out how to work it :)   (I love ya mom, thanks for being so willing to have patience with us and the iPad!)

What I love about my family when I look at these pictures: Either way, I love that you can tell we are a happy bunch! Regardless of the poses, facial expressions and how many tries it actually took to 'get a good one', I am proud of both pictures! This is my crazy bunch and I love it!

We would love to have YOU be a part of this series! 
Email us your family photo(s) at aninvitinghome(at)gmail(dot)com 
with a "behind the scenes" description and answer to the statement, 
"What I love about my family when I look at this picture:" 
If you are a blogger be sure to attach your blog name
 and we will link it to your family's feature. 

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