Friday, August 30, 2013

Replacing Outdoor Swing Cushions

I realized that in sharing about our Rustic Retreat in the City project, I totally forgot to mention anything about the new swing cushion. 


The story is sweet and simple and the most wonderful part is didn't cost a dime. 

The original cushions were ruined. That happened over four years of use and then this recent storm finally caused everything to rip. 


I assumed that I would "simply" recover three individual cushions all to which had curved problem. Even if I have no sewing abilities except for maybe sewing back on a few buttons in my lifetime (hence why the "please fix me" bucket usually only gets BIGGER and not smaller.) 

Once I ruled out that option, I looked into buying replacement cushions. It turns out that they were going to cost more than I actually paid for the entire swing years ago. 

I then decided that I didn't have a good solution for this was just a problem

Have I ever told you about our great neighbors? We are surrounded by them. One day my neighbor Donna and I were talking. It turns out that she had a swing cushion from an old swing. She offered to give it to me since she had no use for it...I gladly said, YES!


The nice thing about this new cushion is that it is all one piece. Once the day comes where I do need to recover it (like Donna just did recently) then maybe I can learn a new sewing skill with a simple project rather than worrying about curved tops and three individual cushions. 

What do you think? Will I still be way over my head? A girl can dream, right. :-)

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