Friday, August 23, 2013

The Day I Ruined My Friend's Stainless Steel Refrigerator

If the title caught your interest then keep reading because this seriously happened ya'll!

A few weekends ago Sam hung out with our crew on a Saturday morning and I got to go spend four hours with a dear friend sprucing up her space. You've actually already met my friend Sierra here. Her husband was gone for the weekend and she worked like superwoman to surprise him with some fun projects around the house. 

While I was there we had the awesome opportunity to organize and style some open shelves that she has in her kitchen. 

I am a big fan of her wood shelves! They brought those along with them when they moved into their new house and it provided a lot of extra storage since there are only a few cabinets in the kitchen. 

We decided to take everything down and rearrange things a little. Prior to me coming over she had also recently painted that awesome yellow color on the wall to bring in some warmth and color to the space. 

Here is what the space looked like before we started.

Our goal was to remove mostly everything so that we could have a fresh start and decide what should go back on the shelves. There were things that just worked best where they were originally like the microwave and baking pans.

We broke it down into the types of things to go on the shelves and decided how much storage was needed for each one. Baskets and containers work great for this kind of thing!

I began washing down all of the shelves with some soapy water and a sponge that Sierra had given me. It was one of those sponges with a brillo pad on the back (do you see where this is going?!?) I was scrubbing away on the top of the fridge which had a black surface and I got it all cleaned up. Then I decided to wipe a few finger prints off of the front. Ya'll I totally forgot to turn the sponge over! After four swipes I totally freaked out! 

At the time, Sierra was downstairs finding baskets and containers that we could use. I'll be honest...I was totally like oh man, maybe you can't notice it and I don't have to say anything. Sierra came back up and I was still internally freaking out on the inside. I had convinced myself that it wasn't permanent and that you couldn't see it, but then I moved to another angle and all I could think was: OH MY GOSH!

My inner conscious totally came clean. "Um...Sierrrraaa..."

I told her how I just wanted to crawl in a hole! She was so gracious and tried to convince me that it was no big deal. "What, I just ruined your stainless steal IS a big deal", I told her. 

tried to move on and started sorting things into baskets. All of the baking supplies went into a yellow tub which worked great to house all of the small and larger items which could then be easily taken down when baking was happening.

Their family also keeps water bottles on hand regularly, so we thought that putting them into a designated basket would work well instead of storing them in the plastic wrapping that they usually come in.

Next, we went through all of the decor items that Sierra had and decided which were keepers (the stories behind these items are so cool!) and which could maybe go to another spot in the house.

We decided to designate the top shelf for decor and leave all of the other shelves for storing kitchen and pantry items. 

Our goal was to add some pops of color and add the items in that were Sierra's favorite. I love how it turned out! 

The vintage containers are great, the small colored plates worked perfect and that cow was the perfect thing to draw your eye over and tie in the yellow. Isn't that bird on a pole thing so cute too! It used to be a kitchen timer.

I also snuck in a quick spray paint project and decided to paint some pots yellow to add some more color in the corner. 

I simply added a plastic bag around the foliage and taped it off. 

I also added some tissues along the edges to keep the paint from getting under the bag. After a few coats they turned out great!

They found the perfect spot in the corner by the window along with some other greenery and the cutest little bird cage ever. We even added a patterned file folder to the back of the cage to bring in a pattern and add more color.

Ok and I have to tell this part of the story. I was trying to figure out how to best use Sierra's cookbooks. I wanted to find a useful place to put them that kept them super handy for her. She then told me, "oh, don't worry about that" and that she doesn't really use them but keeps them out so that she "looks like a good mom"...I totally laughed out loud and told her that is something I would do too.

Too funny! Can anyone else relate? ;-)

Needless to say, it was no problem to take a few cookbooks from her collection and add them to the top shelf under the bird cage to again add some more color and keep that vintage charm. :-)

In less than four hours we enjoyed some coffee and a yummy home cooked breakfast made by Sierra, cleaned and organized the space, Sarah ruined the refrigerator, painted something, cut & taped something, and we didn't spend a DIME!

The end result was a spruced up space to add to the many wonderful projects that Sierra did that weekend.

I came away from our time together SO energized and happy! It was so fun spending time with a friend and helping her rethink a valuable space in their home! 

And, for any of ya'll that have thought, oh if only Sarah could come over and help me organize my might now be changing your mind. :-) Or at least you are certain that you will LOCK UP any and all brillow pad sponges before I arrive! ;-)

Here is the fun before and after.

We also thought that it would be fun for you to get both sides of the story so be sure to check out Sierra's blog (by clicking here) for a fun post about that (I'm actually kind of nervous to read it myself...) :-)

Now tell me there any way that we can get those scratches out?

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