Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Diaper Station That Doesn't Look The Part

My diaper changing days are numbered...HALLELUJAH! Unfortunately that doesn't mean that we are almost done potty training our youngest. We have only just begun. But I can still see the light on the horizon. :-)

Soon there will be no more disposable diapers in my shopping cart!

Years ago my mom bought me this really cute magazine holder. She knows me so well. 

storing diapers in a magazine holder

I didn't have any magazines to put in it but I figured I could come up with some creative way to use it. Then one day it became the perfect place to store some diaper changing supplies. It has been in our living room ever since!

a portable diaper station

It has plenty of room to hold all of the necessary supplies.

changing diapers on the go

I've always loved that I could put it anywhere in the room and it still looked classy even if you could tell that it held diapers. It is so easy to grab and take wherever I might need to go in the house. We keep little man's top dresser drawer upstairs stocked with all of the necessary supplies. It is great having two places to go to especially with multiple floors.

changing diapers

My go to place in the living room is to lay out the mat and clean diaper on the couch with the little guy.

changing diapers on the couch

The coffee table is near by to set the wipes on.

a coffee table

I love that now a days you don't have to have a completely loaded changing table. I'm all for portable, pretty & getting the job done. 

I'm already anticipating that I am going to miss not having this little diaper station around. So many mixed emotions as your baby grows up, right?!? :-) However, looking on to that horizon I already have plans for what that magazine holder will carry next.

Are you at the horizon, are your diaper changing days numbered or are you just getting started?

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  1. We cloth diaper and I've already told my husband that when everyone is out of diapers we need to have a party. He loves me so much, he said he'll throw it for me :) Right now I have two in diapers full-time and one other that is diapered at night, so I have to wash diapers every. single. day. I will be so glad when that is over. Although I'm sure I'll miss aspects of them being little, diapers will not be one of them.

    1. Allyson,

      You definitely deserve a party when it is all said and amazing will that be?!? :-)


  2. We are way over the diaper changing days but I too had a portable changing station. I would change on the bed the couch the floor where ever it was quick and easy. The basket I used I think just finally feel apart last year, 17 years after it's initial beginnings.

  3. Don't celebrate too much! Ya never know what God has in store :)) Take it from someone who has been there, done that a few times too many. But not having anyone in diapers at the moment is awesome!

    1. Julie,

      Note taken. ;-) You are awesome...just sayin'!


  4. my days havnt even started yet as a mom, but how ever being a nursery worker at church and all these babys being potty traind i see the end but then there are babies coming in too so the horizon will come and go fast.

    1. Chantal,

      Amazing how quickly each child changes and grows. :-)



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