Friday, September 13, 2013

Do You Ever Feel Stuck When It Comes To Decorating?

Do you ever have an idea for a project but then you just get stuck? That was me when it came to this gallery wall. I spend a lot of time at my little desk tucked in the corner of our dining room. The blank wall above me seemed like the perfect place for a gallery wall. 

You can't really see the whole wall in the picture below but this is the spot that I am talking about. 

small custom desk

The dining room already has a pretty big focal wall with the coffee bar on the opposite wall.

coffee bar

I didn't want to make this gallery wall too full & crazy but I did want to give it just enough draw to balance out everything that was going on in the room already. 

When we left this topic last I had created a custom piece to start this gallery and be out of this world unbelievable! 

Ok, so really I was just trying to cover up some holes on the wall and this was my best attempt. :-) It was my "blank slate/beginning of a gallery wall but I don't have the rest planned out yet" kind of start. I figured it would all come together and I would easily be able to work around this new starting point. Plus, I wouldn't have to paint since now the holes were covered...brilliant, right? 

starting a gallery wall

And that is where things have been left at for five months. 

Five months of feeling no inspiration and not having a clue as to all that I wanted to include in this gallery wall. I did have a jumping board kind of idea. An idea that included eight 5x7 frames but everything else that would work around it was still in limbo. 

Slowly, but surely I was finding key pieces along the way (at my go to places for decor) and bringing them home. They were little things really but the excitement was growing as I embraced each and every piece and all that was coming together. 

One day the kids helped me cut out papers to represent the different pieces that I had collected. Honestly, I was having a really hard time getting everything to flow around my original "key" piece. I couldn't get anything to work just right so I would rearrange it and then let it sit for a few days and so forth.  

use paper on the walls to figure out your gallery wall

Yep, I was even thinking of hanging my star fish on the wall for texture. Yeah, I have no clue either how I was actually going to get it to stay up there. 

Now comes the part when you can trust me anytime I say... "all opinions are 100% mine." You know those Command poster strips that I used and recommend in this post. Well, I no longer recommend them (although I could have used them wrong which I am more than willing to take ownership of if so.) I tried removing the frame to straighten it a little and this ended up happening.

command strips didn't work

That would be pieces of my wall that stuck directly to the strips. Here you can see the frame turned over and the part of the wall that held on for dear life. 

command strips didn't work

Suddenly the headache of trying to plan the gallery wall around this piece wasn't going to be a problem because now it was coming down. That is when I was stumped for a few more days. 

I thought that now I had to finally repaint the whole wall to make this work. While we do need to paint in the near future (reasons I'll share at some point), I'm just not ready to take the plunge yet. I'm stumped when it comes to color and type of paint. The jury is still out. I'm convinced that I am going to research and find a paint type that repels kid fingerprints. Although I have had no time to research said product and somebody is probably going to burst my bubble and leave me a comment saying that it doesn't exist. :-)

Somehow I was able to pull off this whole cover-up-the-holes trick again. I moved the color outside the lines print over and decided to work around that piece. It fit...just barely. The holes were covered!

gallery wall in progress

I continued rearranging the papers until things were just right. This project took me the entire day to complete once I had my plan. Everything was hung and new photos were printed for the frames. It all came together in one of those "I LOVE THIS!" moments. Company came over right as I was cleaning up from the day's events. I didn't have a chance to photograph the finished project. 

I'm sorry to leave you with that but excited to say that it is AWESOME. You don't want to miss next Friday's Decor Post when I share the goodness and give you my top tips for creating YOUR very own gallery wall! Stay Tuned!

And when it comes to decorating YOUR home here are a few tips...

1) Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Even if half of your wall comes down...there is still something that can be done about it and re-painting isn't the end of the world. ;-)
2) Don't feel rushed in the process. If it takes five month to really think & process an idea then five months it is!
3) Ask friends for advice. I'm a big fan of moms helping moms. Go ahead and tell your friends why you are stuck and maybe they will have the perfect solution (multiple eyes are better than just two eyes.)
4) Find out what your decorating style is. If you feel stuck about decorating or maybe you've always wondered "what is my style?" then I would recommend taking Jackie's e-course called Define Your Style. I'm about to register for the class that begins on September 16th and I am SUPER excited! All An Inviting Home readers can enter promo code "INVITING" to receive 10% off of the class registration fee. (This is an affiliate link and all opinions are 100% mine.) :-)

Are you currently working on any projects that you just feel stuck about? What is causing your dilemma? I would love to hear about it! This is after all part of the creative process. :-)

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  1. I just did a post on coming to a dead end on a gallery wall for my three-year-old. I totally feel your pain! So glad to know I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing, and for the great tips. I'll keep plugging away at it. Have a great day!

  2. I just LOVE your coffee bar!! Really fun and inviting!! I can't wait to see how this wall turns out and can relate to how you're feeling. :)

    1. Thank you, it gets used a lot! I'm so glad that you can makes me feel like I'm not the only one! :-)


  3. Thanks for sharing you have some great tips! I love your desk! Found you on Inspire Me Please link up! If you like to like up come over to for Craft Frenzy Friday!! I hope to see you there!


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