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Laundry Basket Recommendations For Kids

*This day we will never forget. It will never be forgotten. 9-11-01


In order to get your kids involved in the laundry process it is really helpful to have laundry baskets that work well for them. They are after all little.

We started having our kids carry their own baskets to their rooms after they turned three. (It is possible, I promise!)

You can check out how our kids are involved in our laundry process here (currently I do our laundry in less than one hour per week for our family of seven!)

Here are also some baskets that we think work super slick.

laundry baskets for three year olds

You can pick up one of these small baskets at Walmart for $2.47 each.

Small round baskets work great to begin the process of teaching your young child how to carry their own laundry basket. We used our favorite method of teaching our kids new things and assisted them every step of the way until they grew confident in doing it themselves.

Teaching three year olds is definitely a learning process and takes extra work as a parent, but we saw the pay off when our kids hit age four and graduated to a bigger basket.

They had confidence to know that they could carry their basket up to their rooms. These days I simply say, "Everyone go put your baskets away" and as quick as a one hundred yard sprint the kids scurry downstairs and start the process of bringing their clothes up to their rooms.

Once the twins turned four we graduated them up to the same baskets that the rest of the family used. We found that these square deep baskets work great for them to still get their arms around securely and can fit a good amount of laundry too.

laundry baskets that work great for the whole family

You can purchase these baskets at Walmart for $5.88 each (other various stores sell them as well.)

The kids take breaks along the way as needed.

kids carrying their own laundry up the stairs

And in no time they are almost to the finish line! (I told you that if I folded all of their clothes it would be a wreck by the time it reached their room.) :-)

kids carrying their own laundry

The other great part about all of us using these square laundry baskets is that they stack great at the end of the hallway and don't take up much space. They are ready and waiting for me to grab the stack in one fell swoop and take them downstairs for our next laundry day.

stacked laundry baskets

It makes me smile! :-)

I guess I still believe that order can be achieved in a laundry system even if I don't fold my kid's clothes! ;-)

my favorite laundry baskets

Do you have a certain type of laundry basket that you love using?

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  1. My now 4yo has had the round laundry basket since last yr. Its works great. Fortunately for us, the washer/dryer are on the same level as bedrooms :) but it is just the right size to hold their clothes, fill it up and sort into the different drawers.
    your post is right on!!

  2. Our washer/dryer is on the same level as our bedrooms too! My 3 year old has a really skinny basket that she can drag to the washer herself. She loves to put the clothes in too. After that, we still need some work.

  3. I need to figure out a laundry system for my family. We have 3 kids 4 and younger and Im always drowning in laundry and other housework :(


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