Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monthly Budget Breakdown ~ August 2013

In an effort to challenge my contentment meter and stay within a budget,
I have $50 per month to spend on Decor & DIY projects for around the house. 
On the first Tuesday of every month I'll show you how I spent it.

Here is the monthly break down for August...

Starting Balance = $208.99 (you can check out here to see what was spent in July.)
Income: August $50 + Starting Balance = $258.99 left to spend

I'm not used to having this much money in my starting balance. However, I'm also not use to doing a project that involves buying 64 bags of mulch, either!

Let's do a little recap...shall we?

I decided to surprise my husband while he was in Mexico. It all kind of happened on a whim to save on mowing some grass around these lovely stumps among some other reasons as well.

a rustic retreat in the city

When I started, I was simply imaging mulching this small area. However once we started trimming the pine trees to create some air flow it created a complete gamer changer!

Suddenly we had 900 square feet of wide open space...and mulch it we did.

creating a fire pit area

Here is a breakdown of the supplies that I bought. 

To prep the space and kill all of the current grass and weeds I laid down some black fabric. I bought 4 feet x 80 feet rolls at Menards for $9.99 each. I ended up using 3 rolls. The staples that you use to secure the fabric came in boxes of 50 at Menards for $4.99 each. I used 150 staples total so that came to 3 boxes. 

using tree stumps outside

I was able to score a new firepit at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $50. Thankfully we were already planning on making this purchase and had the money set aside so I didn't have to take this out of my monthly decor/organizing budget. 

Every penny counts, you'll see!

a firepit

Finally, the greatest expense was purchasing the mulch. After some quick deliberation I decided to go with bagged cypress mulch from Menards that was priced at $2.75 per bag. The week that I did the project Menards was running one of their sales where everything in the store was 11% off with a rebate. That is how I ended up spending $2.45 per bag of mulch and my final mulch usage was 64 bags. That means that $156.80 was spent on mulch alone!

adding mulch to your yard

I will say that the view outside of my kitchen window is incredible. I love seeing the cypress mulch color against the green grass and the swing just calls out my name. Lately I have been laying down the swing and resting in delight as I watch the kids play. I'm soaking up every minute of this warm, beautiful weather!

The last piece to this rustic retreat was adding some ambiance

adding outdoor ambiance

I bought all of my supplies from Walmart. I purchased 8 jars of baby food for $.50 each, 4 small vases for $.97 each, one roll of craft wire for $2.00, and 1 bunch of artificial flowers for $1.00. The total for this project came to $10.88. Although technically, I shouldn't even count the baby food since my kids ate the applesauce. That should come out of my grocery budget, right? :-)

Final Breakdown...
Beginning Balance $258.99 - ($212.62 August purchases) = $46.37

It has been a fun month for sure and I haven't even gotten to any of those stripes that I was going to tackle. We shall see...

What have you been working on this summer around your house?

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  1. i agree i loved looking out ur window as i did dishes :)


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