Monday, October 7, 2013

An Easy Phrase To Use With Your Kids: "Look & Listen"

I'm sharing some simple phrases that Sam and I have found super helpful when parenting. If you are new to, An Inviting Home I would encourage you to read our parenting disclosure. (Just so you know that we aren't experts but just doing our best to be intentional as we walk this crazy, unknown journey!) In the past I shared about our all time favorite phrase "happy hearts" and last week I explained what we use the phrase "with or behind" for with our kids.

This week I'm sharing about the phrase "Look & Listen."

Do you remember when your first child was born and the thrill of picking out books and reading to your little one? I loved it! We would sit and read and she would ask a zillion questions and it was the cutest thing ever...the CUTEST.

reading stories to your kids

Then child number two comes into the mix and it is still so cute when they ask a zillion questions and you find that older sister is great at answering most of the questions and asking a few more of her own.

But then I found that something happens when child number three comes along...or in our case, when child number three, four & five come along. You quickly realize that if you stopped to answer every question that arises from reading a story you might never make it through a book. Not one single book.

Have you ever experienced that?

Look & Listen

It is pretty simple, as a story is read the kids get the fun opportunity to look & listen

If someone begins to ask a question then I'll simply say, "look & listen." Most of the time I have found that their question gets answered the more we read the story. So it isn't a big deal to have them wait until their question is answered the more that I read. This also helps them use their imagination and prepare them for things like story time at the library (although I've still been too scared to take all five kids at the same time to one of those!) or listening to a teacher read a story at school.   

Believe me, I want my kids to ask questions! But I also think that our family agrees that getting to read a story at bedtime is fun...especially when we make it through the whole story. :-)

One of the nice things about a simple phrase like this is that we end up using it when there are other situations where they need to look and listen and not be talking, or when we're talking to them and expecting to have their attention.

How about you, how do you handle lots of questions during stories or having a way to rally kids to pay close attention?

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