Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kid Craft Trays Review

I really enjoy hearing organizing ideas from others! When I was a new mom with a toddler at home my friend Jen shared with me a great tip for helping with play-doh time. She suggested that I give my daughter a cookie sheet to play on (this also works great for older kids when doing things like beading.) The idea worked pretty slick to contain the mess (although I would still say that about 25% of the time the mess reaches outside of the cookie sheet borders.) No method is without flaw when you are working with a toddler, right? :-)

As a blogger I am always excited to share new products with ya'll. However, I also want to make sure that I pass along any products that I don't recommend using also. When I designed our kids' craft area I really wanted to make it kid friendly AND functional!

kids' craft room

Since the space was a distance from our kitchen (and all of our cookie sheets) I thought that these plastic trays from Oriental Trading would be great. 

They came as a set of 6 with so many fun colors.

craft trays review

The only problem was that because they are so light weight, after the first use the kids dropped them on the hard floor and they cracked and broke. They were severely lacking in the durability department.

This happened one by one (almost instantly) until they all were cracked in some way, shape or form.

kids craft tray review

At this point the sharp edges could cut the kids so I'm sending this once snazzy tray set to the curb. I think I'll stick to cookie sheets from the kitchen. They might not be as cute but they sure do work a whole lot better and are multi-purpose: They can hold play-doh, beads and COOKIES! :-)

Have you ever tried a product that you didn't end up liking?

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  1. We got these Crayola Dry Erase Activity Centers for our two oldest after seeing them highly recommended by another homeschool mom. I don't like them at all. The space between the window and the paper makes it difficult to trace correctly and the markers just plain don't work.

    We're sticking to heavy duty page protectors instead :)

  2. Do you have a plain old wooden table? Like a old kitchen table that's still used in your kitchen? That's my play dough table as well. I make my play dough at home and this is really the best surface to play with it on. Mainly because it is so easy to scrub off and the kids can clean up after themselves perfectly.

    1. That sounds like a great solution too! :-)


  3. Too bad they didn't work out. I'm always looking for organization ideas too. I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers link party!

  4. I use dollar store baking sheets as our craft trays! They fit a piece of 8x10 paper with room and don't take up much room!

  5. We use old baking sheets revived with colorful spray cuz they are also magnetic


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