Friday, October 4, 2013

The Curtain Process

Decorating your home is always a process

I don't want anyone to get the impression that things magically or instantly come together around here. Our home tour has been changed and updated over time with each new project. 

Our living room curtains are a perfect example of this.

Next week I will share more details on how I created our new "hand painted" curtains, revealed at the end of this post (sounds fancy but really it was just T.I.M.E. consuming!) However, today I want to show you the process of the months prior and what it took me to get to this point.

Let's go back to the vaults and one of the very first posts that I shared revealing our living room. Those pictures aren't even a year old yet. Can anyone please tell me what I was thinking mixing those curtains?

orange curtains from Target

Once the coffee bar was created I used what I had when it came to curtains and switched things around. I put the blue ones in the dining room and left the orange ones in the living room. 

Ahh, much better...

using curtains that I already had

However, that left the living room looking like this.

living room with orange curtains

Better, but still blah

Ever since painting those bookshelves I just haven't liked the burnt orange mixed in. I wanted to brighten up the space. 

Not to mention that I also wanted to de-clutter the room a bit. I took down the candles surrounding the opening leading into the dining room. The bookshelves & mantel are a whole different story for another day. I have such a hard time styling those and still keeping it functional but not cluttered. 

Clearly, it is a problem. 

I checked out other beautiful home tours in blogland and as soon as I saw striped curtains like this and this and this, I was hooked. I loved them but I didn't like the thought of making them. 

For months every time I went into Target (or another one of my "go to" places for decor) I would glance at the curtain section. With how popular striped curtains seemed to be I figured someone must make them. It turns out that no one makes them in my price range (or at least that was my conclusion after months of looking.)

Occasionally I would bring home other budget friendly options to try.

A little chevron anyone?

yellow and gray chevron curtains

 Nope...too washed out next to the walls.

What about a fun print to tie in the teal color?

a patterned curtain from Target

Now everything was just too busy. (I should mention that I have seen these curtains in another person's home and they looked great.)

A few months ago I finally bought plain white curtains at Ikea in hopes of painting them someday. Someday didn't look like it was going to ever come but just having those white curtains hung compared to the dark orange ones was like a breath of fresh air. 

Then one day I finally did it! 

I painted the curtains and created a custom look to be exactly what I was looking for! 

DIY Striped Curtains

Striking. Cheerful. Timeless.

Don't be fooled...this took work! I may or may not have decided that I wasn't sure if it was worth it mid-project.

homemade striped curtains

However, now that I see the end results...I am so happy that in the end the striped curtains idea won!

homemade striped curtains for the living room

Have you ever done a project where the process seemed to take forever, but in the end you were happy you went through the process? If so, what was it?

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  1. LOVE your new curtains! I love the stripe curtains too, but I know it would be years before I got around to painting them.

    1. Thanks Allyson! I'm surprised it didn't take me years to get around to kind of felt like it was going to. :-)


  2. Those look stunning! I am eagerly awaiting the post about them.

    1. Thanks Sarah! You can find it here... :-)


  3. Perfect! This curtains are awesome! :D You did a great job and they go very well in your living room. Hmmm... you have given me some ideas to think about. ;)

    Ha! My garage makeover process is taking f o r e v e r ! But, I am happy with the results so far.

    1. Julie,

      I am glad that I could pass along some ideas. ;-) Your garage makeover is awesome!


  4. Love the and timeless! I'm on the hunt for our living room as well. Fun times! Coming over from TT&J.

    1. Ashley,

      What a journey, right?! Have fun on the curtain adventure! :-)


  5. I painted striped curtains almost exactly like this for our nursery. I love them! And I totally agree - if the Internet is any indication, there is a huge demand for some wide striped curtains. Surely someone can make some for less than $80 a panel!

    1. Carrie,

      So fun that you have some too! So when do you think that you are going to open up an etsy shop selling them? ;-)



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