Friday, October 18, 2013

To The Land Of Starbucks We Go!

I've mentioned before that I love Starbucks. I know that I say "love" a lot but it is just easier than saying I really, really, REALLY like something! ;-)

I think it all started back in college. I felt like such a grownup leaving campus and hanging out at our local Starbucks until late hours of the night. I enjoyed going in groups or even just going by was my happy place.

Of course most college students/newlywed couples/now parents can't afford Starbucks on a regular basis so my tradition has always been to have some type of coffee bar in each home that we have lived in. Then when we are out for special trips I usually treat myself to a drink at Starbucks.

starbucks city mugs

It was at some point along the way that I collected a hand full of Starbucks city mugs. Then like most businesses, they made this specific collection obsolete and rare (frustrating when you are trying to collect a mug from each city that you have actually visited but perfect when you only have a shelf that holds 6 mugs.) :-)

black and white coffee mugs

Either way I gathered enough to start a little collection and at the same time not completely take over my house.

My favorite Starbucks mug is probably this one from Mexico City. 

Mexico City mug

I bought it during the same trip where I got to drive to see where Sam grew up and where he also proposed. We both love Mexico deeply.

Well I am super excited to say that this weekend we are exploring the great city of Seattle! Home of the very first Starbucks. This creates a gigantic giddy feeling in a kid in a candy store!

Sam and I have tried to do something memorable to celebrate each wedding anniversary. It hasn't always meant going to a far off land but it has always been unique and memorable. We have a book capturing all of the fun things we have done (I still need to update it from last year's adventure, but why do it now when I can knock out two years after the trip.) :-)

I should also mention that our anniversary is actually in June and we are just celebrating it four months later. Ahh, life with kids! Not to mention that we are piggy backing this weekend off of a work trip to Canada that Sam has next week. So we decided to both go and use some free flights that were going to expire in November...details, details.

Yet it all comes together to create an inexpensive much needed getaway!

Starbucks Mugs Going To Seattle

We are confident that our kids are in good hands back home with grandma & grandpa. The kids have always had a blast when we venture away

I'll be taking next week off from normal posts so that I can take in all of the sites with my hubby. Although I am still bringing my laptop along with grand plans to work on new little updates around this here blog.

I mean after all, we will be in of Starbucks and "free" wifi. :-)

You can catch all of the behind the scenes on Instagram.

Have a great week, ya'll!

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  1. Have a fantabulous time! And I expect to see a photo of your new Seattle Starbucks mug when you get back :-)
    E xx

  2. My mom collects those starbucks city mugs too! (just in case you need a Christmas present idea ;) )

    1. Anna,

      Good to know...I will keep that in mind! :-)


  3. Hi Sarah,
    now I'm curious as to where in Canada you and your man are heading to? I live JUST across the border from Sumas, WA, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. :)
    Happy travels!

    1. Anita,

      We will be heading to Nelson, BC. I hear the drive will be beautiful! :-)


    2. hehe...I've heard that, too (I've never been, myself! :))


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