Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vintage & Modern ~ A Makeover

One month since the beginning of the school year and the kids are starting to hit their stride with their homework routine!

I showed you our designated homework area which included this awesome vintage desk that I picked up at the thrift store for less than $5 dollars! You can even spy the plain white curtains that I wrote about which are now striped (I'll share all about that on Friday!)

I love this little desk because it is a great place to store the kids books as well as a timer that they use for reading each day. 

I didn't mind the dark green color on the desk which is why it has stayed that way up until now. Yet, the more that I was making decisions in the living room to really bring things together to reflect my personal decor style, I knew that I wanted to update the color. 

In the end I decided to go with a simple & clean, white. I love the look & feel of taking something vintage and giving it a more modern look. 

After a can and a half of spray primer and a can and a half of white spray paint we were in business!

While I totally loved the white I wasn't so sure about the top of the desk. I considered painting it with chalkboard paint which would give it a nice dark contrast next to the white. But in the end I decided that  that would get scratched and not be as easy to wipe clean from pencil marks and such. 

I grabbed a roll of my new favorite stuff (washi tape!) and came up with a simple solution to add a little something special to the top of the desk.

The small amount of color breaks up all of the light tones in a great way.

Not to mention that the seven is one of the easiest symbols to make after all and happily represents our family of seven.

The only problem might be the fact that there are now three sevens in two rooms of the house. 

A little much, maybe? But then it gets me thinking about how thankful I am for this crew of 7 and the life we get to share together...We even have a van in the driveway that fits more than 7 people so that we can share life with others too...Life is good.

What is your favorite number? :-)

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  1. I love it! The use of the number 7 is awesome. Not over the top. You love your family. :)

  2. It looks awesome. Projects that are a little vintage, a little modern are my favorite.

  3. Come visit us at
    We are having a party and it won't be the same without your creativity!
    Craft Frenzy Friday!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, I'll try to check it out. :-)


  4. What a beautiful color choice! The curves of the piece look so much softer with the white; excellent choice to leave the top, and dress it up with a washi tape! =D Visitng from Remodelaholic.
    - Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-stairs

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne and thanks for visiting! :-)


  5. Replies
    1. Cheryl Ann,

      It is a fun number for sure...never a dull moment around here! :-)



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