Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Special "Behind The Scenes" Treat!

I've been asked before if my home always looks like my home tour page. I smile and say, "no!" :-) Our home certainly doesn't look picture perfect on a normal basis (something about having five little tornadoes living here!) however, we do like to maintain some kind of order. I've come to realize that my husband and I enjoy our home more when things are put away. I personally have a hard time relaxing on the couch if everything around me is a mess. More often than not, I will take a few frenzied minutes to put things back in their place before I feel like I can really relax. It is a blessing and a curse. :-)

One of the fun things about being a blogger is getting to inspire others with things I may have come up with and to share other people's ideas that have inspired me to beautify our home. The project stage might be a little messy but once things are cleaned up and I take that final shot...the feeling is grand! 

A Behind The Scenes Look At Our Home

This past summer, Jackie from Teal & Lime and I met for the first time...over coffee. It was wonderful! We had a great time talking about life and blogging. I've always admired Jackie's decorating style...her home is beautiful! She just happens to decorate with some of my favorite colors! :-)

Jackie also lives in the Twin Cities and does a series on spaces that inspire her. She asked me if she could come and photograph our home (say what!?!) I played it cool and said, "sure." It was only after I said yes and got home that I began to freak out! In the blogging world you usually take pictures of one contained space or at the most a full room. I can handle sweeping up my dining room, arranging the chairs, feeding the kids a snack in the kitchen and waiting for some good light to get a shot like this.

An in home coffee bar

What I didn't consider was how crazy having your WHOLE house photographed at one time was going to be. I did what any crazy person would do. I decided to not clean our house the two weeks prior to the photo shoot since I would have to clean it all right before go time anyway. Does this sound like a crazy idea to anyone else?!? Thankfully a few days before the shoot we ended up needing to reschedule and I got back on my normal cleaning routine and whipped this place back into shape. :-)

The whole don't clean your house for two weeks thing was, no bueno!

our living room

The night before Jackie was coming over I did my best to put things away and vacuum the floors. I knew that most of my finishing touches would have to take place the morning of. Not only did I have to get kids up and ready for school but I also had to get the house ready to go by 11am after NINE people (my parents live with us) all went through their morning routine. 

My mom was a trooper and helped me with the youngest three while I frantically went through the house. I polished up the beds and tucked in the covers. All of the stuffed animals and treasured "blankies" got thrown into the boys closet (I was keeping my fingers crossed that Jackie wouldn't want to take any photos of the closet.)

stuffed animals in the closet

Since we now eat some of our meals in the dining room I have traded my nice tablecloths in for a worn, wrinkled, plastic tablecloth that is great for clean up with a large crew but not for creating a completed dining room look. Not to mention that the norm of chairs is a hodge podge of broken, almost broken and folding chairs. It is like that awesome mixed match look only without the awesome. I'm just thankful that every one has a seat (that hopefully doesn't break on them mid-bite.)

dining room table for nine

I switched out the tablecloths and put most of the chairs in the garage to create this daintier look.

dining room and coffee bar

Just for the record I don't usually have s'more supplies (individually wrapped with beautiful ribbons) and sharp skewers at floor level for my toddler to claim as his next sword. However, we had been given some supplies that were left over from a wedding. We had moved a gathering inside to the living room a few days prior when we had been rained out from doing a little s'more action outside. The supplies had been sitting on my mantel for days and I figured I would leave them out for that "staged" look...great timing, right? :-)


Finally with 15 minutes left to go before Jackie's arrival I took all of the odds & ends and threw them into baskets which then ended up in the garage (another place that I assumed Jackie wouldn't be going into...yay for garages!) :-)

clutter in baskets

Everything was almost set, however my low point of the preparations is when I dumped my moms grapes  in the garbage just so that I could wash the bowl and put it away so that the kitchen was clean. She came into the kitchen five minutes before go time looking for her grapes that she had only left unsupervised for a few minutes. Later I apologized for my frantic state of mind and that I was fretting over a silly bowl in the kitchen.

Jackie arrived and was as sweet as could be. It was fun giving her a tour and even getting her advice on a few decor ideas. Not too long after she left the girls room promptly looked like this...

girl's room mess

That my friends is "normal."

I wouldn't leave you hanging without the funnest part! Today is the day that Jackie is featuring An Inviting Home on her blog! You can check it out here. There are even a few bonus surprises that I haven't shown on the blog yet! Enjoy! :-)

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