Friday, November 22, 2013

A Special Christmas Birthday Countdown

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With Christmas right around the corner Sam and I are always trying to find ways to bring it back to the true meaning of Christmas. While our children are young we want them to grasp that Christmas isn't about the gifts that they receive but about celebrating the birth of a special baby born over two thousand years ago. Lately we have been counting down the days (with GREAT enthusiasm) until each person's birthday so it only seemed appropriate to create a special Christmas birthday countdown as well! A little sparkle Mod Podge, FolkArt paint and some chalk were just the thing I needed to create a special one of a kind craft to enjoy for years to come!

Supplies Used:

An Old Frame 
FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint in Classic Green
Mod Podge Sparkle
Mod Podge Spouncer Brush
Chalkboard Paint

Supplies Mod Podge FolkArt Paint

Step 1: I began by painting three coats of green acrylic paint onto the frame.

Step 2: Next, I painted four coats of chalkboard paint on the glass and let it cure for a few days. Once it was all ready to go I conditioned the chalkboard.

Step 3: Then I used a Mod Podge spouncer brush to apply Mod Podge Sparkle over the green paint. I really liked using these brushes better than some longer handled foam brushes that I have used in the past. I think that with the shorter handle it really helps to give you more control over your brush strokes.

The picture below is right after I applied the Mod Podge. In no time it dries clear and leaves a fun sparkle. Just thinking of doing a glitter project with my kids makes my head spin but using this product...YES PLEASE! 

There was no mess, it was super easy to apply, lots of festive shimmering...all without a glitter mess!

Step 4: Once everything was dry I put together the frame to create our very own countdown board. I ended up using my projector trick to try out a new font. 

The kids were so excited when they saw the countdown and were eager to go to bed to wake up in the morning and erase a check mark. We should have a countdown EVERY night! ;-)

With Christmas coming soon you can check out more fun projects below! 

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Happy Counting & Crafting! :-)


  1. Mod Podge is one of my favorite things! I haven't seen it with glitter in it. I will have to put that on my list when I go back to the craft store!. I love the countdown. How fun to create that excitement. My kids would save a mission offering through the month of December. They would decorate a bank at Thanksgiving.They would do chores for $, they would raid my pockets for change, the would check the sofa cushions. Grandma's and Grandpa's were always hit up for change. On Christmas morning, before any presents were opened or anything was touched from Santa, they would take their birthday present for Jesus and put it under the tree. It helped remind young ones that what we were celebrating. My son is now doing that with his children. Ah traditions....

    1. I really love these ideas of remembering the reason for Christmas. :) offering bank collecting money.... so cool and my kids love countdowns. I think we'll have to make something like this. -becca


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