Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday Cards At A Stellar Price!

Happy day before Thanksgiving everybody! I would love to be writing a little update right now on how our bathroom remodel is going, but alas there isn't much to update on just yet. This whole process has been a huge learning process and I will give you the full update once it is completed. Until then I am going to count my blessings and remember how thankful I am that we still have at least one toilet (I'm starting to think that we could live with one just fine.) :-)

While roaming a store looking for wood trim I came across an unexpected surprise. Only a few days ago I was telling my mom that I have been searching for more of these with no luck. Then to my surprise I found them today in an unexpected place!

25 Greeting Cards For All Occasions

The treasure I was looking for were these box sets of 25 greeting cards that come at a stellar price! These make a great staple to keep on hand in your desk drawer so that you are prepared for any occasion. They also would make a great gift to give a whole box set to a friend!

I've come across these box sets in various places. My first set I picked up years ago at Sam's Club then my mom found a set for me through an online book catalog. This time I found them for a super great price on sale at Menards (a midwest hardware chain store) for six dollars...SIX dollars!

You get an assortment of 25 cards in all shapes & sizes and with matching envelopes. You can't beat the price per card and I love the variety! I also love that each set I have found has been different. That way I never have to worry about giving someone the same card twice. The cards have really cute embellishments and in my opinion look even nicer than some of the cards sold individually in stores for $5 a piece! I'd much rather put $5 on a Starbucks giftcard and put it in an inexpensive (yet adorable!) card.

Inexpensive Birthday Cards

The box I just purchased came with 12 birthday cards, 7 friendship/thankyou/blank cards, 3 care & concern cards and 3 congratulations cards. These come in so handy when one of the kids has a birthday party to go to or when I want to give a friend a card that reflects just how cute I think they are...glitter and all.

The boxes even come with dividers to keep all of your cards organized.

Boxed Set of Cards at a great price

If you don't live in the great midwest (with a Menards near by) then you can also find similar sets on Amazon. Currently they are being sold for $16.99 for one or $24.99 for two! Either way they come out to a great price when you know that you are getting 25 adorable cards. 

These are the perfect thing to keep on hand for a rainy day when you want to brighten someone's day!

Have you found these sold at any other stores in your area? What is one of your favorite cards that you have ever received?

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  1. Cute cards - I agree I like to have cards on hand - it makes it easier to be thoughtful!

  2. I continue to be amused by how much we seem to have in common. :)
    Today I was feeling so discouraged that on my list of to-dos are cards that need to be sent, but are long overdue because, as a homeschooling mom of 5 young children, I have just not found an extra minute of time or ounce of energy lately to get to the store to purchase the thoughtful cards that I imagine myself sending. I was thinking, just this afternoon, that I really need to invest in a boxed set so I have cards ready to go, for when getting to the store just isn't going to happen. And then I opened your blog post.
    Safe to say I'll be purchasing that very same set this weekend. (or maybe even two!) :) Thanks for the tip! What a deal!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew!

    1. Kristen,

      I love totally made me smile! I hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your family!



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