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Custom Keepsake Birth Plates

When I got married my parents sent me off with a keepsake plate that had been custom made after my birth. I cherished it because it was the way that I always remembered things like how much I weighed at birth and what time of day I was born. 

Fast forward years later and our daughter was born. I had grand hopes of completing a baby book but kind of knew before I even started that it was never going to happen (aka: wouldn't get completed!) That is when I decided that it would be fun to have a plate made for her. It took me hours to finally find a company online that sold these same plates. I finally did and also discovered that they now have a "contemporary" nursery scene (that looks slightly different from the classic baby plate) but included added features like height and all three initials on toy blocks. 

Custom Keepsake Birth Plate

I decided to order the original nursery scene for my husband (so that we could each have similar ones) and the contemporary plate for my daughter. This is when I discovered fun little facts like the fact that my husband and I weighed the same at birth. :-)

Our little guy came along and I ordered a plate for we had a set of four.

Then we began the adoption process with our three oldest kids and I did my best to track down all of their birth info. At the time I began looking we weren't considered their legal guardian yet so the hospitals wouldn't release their birth information to me. I tried many times to get the information through their social worker but that didn't work either. Later on I got information from the county which said that our son was 27 inches at birth...and I'm pretty sure that's not right.

Seven Custom Plates

Our adoption was finalized almost exactly one year ago (I'll still never forget how wonderful that day felt walking out of the court room knowing that we were finally considered a family on paper!) We had the perfect place to put the plates but still had to wait. So the day of our open house adoption celebration I placed some post it notes saying "coming soon" under the empty hangers.

Custom Birth Plates On Order

We waited.

Even after everything was official it was still a process tracking down the kid's birth information. The records finally came about 6 months later after lots of paperwork, document errors and MORE paperwork. 

I was finally able to order three more plates to add to our wall. (I discovered that you have to order each plate separately and pay for shipping on each order..bummer.)

White flowers from Target

However, it was like winning the lottery the day that I came home and saw one of the plates at our front door.

Special Delivery Birth Plates

Shortly after they all arrived I grabbed some plate hangers that I had bought at Walmart and got them all ready to go. 

Birth Plates

It was a pure joy to hang them all up...and fill in the missing pieces.

Custom Keepsake Birth Plates

Last month I was tucking the kids into bed one night. I had just finished singing and as I was shutting off the light and about to close the door our son asked, "what time was I born at?" I popped my head out into the hallway and came back with a smile on my face. "You were born at 10:02 am."

We both smiled.

Keepsake Baby Plates

In case you think these would work for your family or as a baby shower gift idea or Christmas present...I wanted to pass along the information. I ordered the plates from (they do take a few weeks to receive the plates once ordered.) I also searched around online for a coupon code but then called and discovered that the only reason they have the "code" box is for large companies to enter a discount code when they order hundreds of plates at a time.) And here I thought three was buying "in bulk." Who would order hundreds of plates at a time? What are they making clones???

I look forward to passing these down to my kids once they are grown. Until then we are keeping them high enough out of reach of little fingers while still being in a place that we all love to pass by.

Did you create a baby book for your little one(s)? Do you know how much you weighed at birth or what time of day it was? What fun trivia that would be for a party!

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  1. I love the idea of a plate. My Aunt made things for us when we were born. I did fill out my kids books and wrote lots of letters when I was pregnant and for their first year. I have them all in a box. But the plate idea would be great for my grand babies as well. Love it.

    1. Kimberly,

      That is so special that your kids will have books and such special letters to read when they get bigger...I love that!


  2. Sarah and Sam....I Love your blog....thing's to keep all family's weather adopted or not in touch with each other
    your such an amazing couple and Family.....God Bless all of you.


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