Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How That Whole Having One Toilet Thing Is Going...

Our main level bathroom project is underway! We went from this on Monday morning...

bathroom before

to this as of today...

demo the bathroom

Today I'll share a few of my observations thus far for anyone that might be considering doing a bathroom redo. 

To get us started here is a little summary of why we chose to gut this little ol' bathroom...some funny observations and some legit concerns.

problems with existing bathroom

We wanted to replace the toilet. With this being the main bathroom that our guests use we wanted to install something that was more user friendly. (We actually picked out a new handicap size toilet and we'll have a stool available for little munchkins to use.) 

We had some interesting (and permanent!) aromas coming out of our lower vanity. Let's just say that this guy held up pretty well for its 60+ year life. However, with the smell issue, broken drawer, and counter that needed to be re-grouted and was chipping away, we decided it was time for a new guy to come in and stand strong.

Here are the factors that we didn't have planned out and knew we would have to make once the demo started. The tiled walls...we knew that we wanted them to come down. They were chipped and the grout was missing in some places and stained in all of the other places. We tried cleaning it with some super powerful cleaner and didn't have any success. 

We had decided to take all of the tile off. In true family fashion we had five little people that really wanted to they did. 

little helpers

Honestly, I couldn't decide what to do in the tiles place. I really didn't want to tile the whole room again. Once we removed the tile it was evident that we would either need to cover up the space with a wall treatment such as board & batten or remove the sheet rock and put up new. Otherwise we would have had to texture the walls to cover up what was underneath the previous tile. The decision could go either way. While the board & batten look is pretty popular these days (and I actually really love it!) I knew that I just wanted something simple and having a crisp open room left me wanting to skip the b&b (and not have to dust all of those edges.) My husband agreed. So we decided to go with simple walls that we could paint. 

a make shift wall

A make shift plastic door went up to help keep some of the dust from escaping.

It didn't work!

yikes, look at that dust!

Just kidding. That is the dust that I noticed I have been missing once furniture was moved around to accommodate the renovations. Yikes! 

We did do some re-decorating per say. The living room now has seating for a million people as all of the furniture from the patio is in there temporarily.

living room

And the patio now looks like a workshop with all of my dad's tools and mad organization skills (can you guess where I get it from?!?!) :-)


Sam had the privilege of spending most of Monday in a small space. AKA take down the walls day!

demo day

Everything was bagged up and put out to the curb. We weren't sure if the garbage man would take all of our glorious bags but HE DID. 

We all did a happy dance!

demo day 2

As you can see not all of the dust and debri stays contained and it is starting to show around the house. We are doing our best to sweep up the main walking areas but everything else will have to wait to be cleaned until after the renovations have been done. 

As to those additional observations...

1) After two days of only having one toilet for nine people only one person has had to run out of the house to use another bathroom because of ours being occupied. And the norm has been two people waiting in line outside of the door at any given time. It really makes me notice how many times in a day I used to say, "go use the other bathroom." Now I keep catching myself from saying that.  

2) Any project no matter how small you think it is will add up in cost. I thought we were doing good when I picked out the main pieces of the room at IKEA for an incredibly cheap price! However, it is all of those other materials that really add up like spackle, grout, a new window, and installing an exhaust fan (that we weren't originally planning on doing) that really add up. I am so thankful that we started with our smallest bathroom to discover these things before making decision about our full bathroom that also needs to be replaced. (Spoiler alert: we are definitely re-tiling those walls when the time comes!)

materials add up

3) Finally, it seems that it always is going to take longer than you first thought. We probably won't have a finished bathroom until the end of next week but we are still pushing to at least have a working toilet by the end of this one!

demolishing the bathroom

A girl can dream, right? :-)

What kind of discoveries have you made when working on a house remodeling project? Would you do it again...would you do it differently? 

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  1. I'd imagine that a home renovation is always a learning experience. I remember my parents remodeling the house when I was a kid and it seemed like they were never done! Your new bathroom is going to be a huge improvement!

    1. Stacy,

      I remember those kind of projects too! Here is to hoping that this one is an exception. :-)


  2. It seems every one of our home improvement projects seem to take twice as long and double the expected cost. Even though I know that now, I still always want them done faster!! We are seriously contemplating redoing our one bathroom. Total gut, replace the toilet, shower, everything. That's one that can't take twice as long as planned!!


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