Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monthly Budget Breakdown ~ October 2013

In an effort to challenge my contentment meter and stay within a budget,
I have $50 per month to spend on Decor & DIY projects for around the house. 
On the first Tuesday of every month I'll show you how I spent it.

Here is the monthly break down for October...

Starting Balance = $-2.29 (you can check out here to see what was spent in September.)
Income: October $50 + Starting Balance = $47.71 left to spend

This was a great month to get some painting projects in before another Minnesota winter is upon us. The first project I tackled was updating the vintage desk that I scored months ago. It is amazing what a few cans of spray paint can do to change a piece of furniture.  I went with using a separate primer and then a few coats of white. I purchased 2 cans of spray primer & 2 cans of Krylon white spray paint at Walmart for $3.67 each. It was totally worth it to me to use the primer since the last project that I painted I didn't use primer and the paint is already chipping. 

Next up on the project list were those DIY striped curtains

I poured some hard work into those and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! 

I purchased a pair of plain white, Merete curtains from IKEA for $27.99. 

I also picked up some more Frog tape for the project. I paid $7.77 for a roll at Walmart. 

I was hoping (and planning) on that being all of my expenses for this project since I was going to use some paint that I already had on hand. That alone would make these DIY curtains a steal for coming away with two panels. However, as I mentioned here, I ended up needing to buy some more paint. I went with another gallon because the price is just way better compared to only buying a quart and I was considering making another set of curtains down the road that would have made that decision even more cost effective. Needless to say I now have a mostly full gallon of gray paint that cost me $33.98 from Home Depot.

I'm just thankful that they turned out so well, (I was keeping my fingers crossed the whole time!) otherwise my over spent budget would have been for nothing.

Final Breakdown...
Beginning Balance $47.71 - ($84.42 October purchases) = $-36.71

It doesn't look like I will be buying much in the month of November. I have a focal wall that I have been itching to do in the living room but it will have to wait. I'll spend November showing you some past projects around the house that I haven't gotten to share about yet. It should be fun!

Do you have any projects planned for November? Preparations for any thanksgiving dinner visitors, maybe?

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  1. You really got a lot done on a small budget. My husband and I were just looking at our budget last night and decided we need to get more strict about having a set monthly budget for home projects. Looks like I will have thirty dollars a month to spend for now - should be a good challenge.

    1. Carrie,

      It is always fun to look back and see what was accomplished in the month. I am sure that you will have the same feeling...YAY for $30 to spend on home projects! :-)



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