Friday, November 1, 2013

Salty's in Seattle

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While flying into Seattle to celebrate our anniversary the woman next to me on the plane suggested some fun things for us to do while we were there. 

One of which was try the buffet at Salty's. 

Salty's in Seattle

As we were considering our options we thought that the buffet sounded great and would give us the option to try many things that we might not otherwise order a whole plate of at another restaurant. 

We checked out Salty's website and decided to head over for the Saturday brunch buffet at 10am since there would be live piano music beginning at that time. 

The ambiance walking into this restaurant was delightful. 

It was bustling with activity and you quickly realized that it was all about presentation. We requested a seat at the window overlooking the sound. There was a booth available on the side window and the view was great. 

At one point our waiter, Trace, even brought over some binoculars so that we could catch some closer glimpses of the seals popping out of the water.

To start off our dining experience we received a plate of five fresh mini donuts. They literally melt in your mouth. Then we ordered some coffee and orange juice which is all included in the buffet price.

We headed to the food area and took in all of the gorgeous displays and delicious looking food! There were so many choices of great seafood, meats, pasta, fruits, breads and classical brunch dishes.

There were crab legs to choose from...

Crab legs in Seattle

egg dishes galore...

delicious egg dishes at Salty's in Seattle

fresh crepes, french toast, and waffles.

Fresh food at Salty's

This was also the place to try oysters.

delicious oysters in seattle

Sam was brave and I just watched. :-)

Trying oysters at Salty's in Seattle

You would have to see the dessert bar to believe it! There were gluten-free options, vegan options, chocolate lover options.

a dessert bar

My favorite was the chocolate fountain...hello juicy, red strawberries and fresh, delicious pineapple!

chocolate fountain

The fog was a little heavy but started to lift as our time came to a close. Our waiter suggested that we go out onto the deck for a picture with the skyline. 

Our time at Salty's was a memorable and delightful experience!

enjoying the Seattle skyline

We received our bill and found out that the price of the all inclusive buffet was $42.50 <cough> per <cough> person <cough, cough>. It is officially the highest price that we have ever paid for one meal. We knew going into it that this meal might be the only meal we ate that day because it was so big which made the price and delightful experience a little easier to stomach. 

We then proceeded to shop for a few items at the grocery store to create a few meals that were more in line with our budget. :-)

peanut butter and jelly meal

With all of that said, I would definitely recommend Salty's for a fun memorable experience with food that melts in your mouth and tastes divine! So if you are ever in Seattle be sure to try out Salty's and tell them that Sarah sent you. You won't receive anything for saying that, but think of how cool that would sound...

Hi, we are here because...
 Sarah suggested Salty's in Seattle! ;-)

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