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An Inviting Home Christmas Tour 2013

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! A Minnesota winter has come and it gives us the perfect excuse to stay warm & cozy inside with sparkles and glowing lights and JOY; yes please! However the best kind of cozy is to invite friends inside to come out of the cold, warm by the fire and take the chill out of their hands with a cup of warm goodness.

An Inviting Home Christmas Tour 2013

Let's begin this tour with a hug and sincere welcome, please make yourself at home.

Our Family of Seven

As you come inside you'll be greeted by some warm faces, a tinsel tree and wreath and find boots warming by the vent. The vent is hanging on by a thread but the warm heat does just the trick to help prepare for the next outing.

boots warming by the heater

You can walk straight through into the kitchen and one of my kids will ask, "Is it time for hot chocolate yet?"

Merry Christmas with hot chocolate

Mommy says, "yes." The smiles around the table get big and everyone will ask all at once if they can have some marshmallows too. While I go grab the marshmallows someone will spill and another will be told to stop blowing bubbles in their hot chocolate as I return with the marshmallows.

hot chocolate bar for kids

If you were to stop and peek into the porch you would see the hanging snow pants just waiting for little legs to fill them and go play in the fresh white snow.

snow scene with stockings

Some days I'll stand by the window doing the dishes and watching the little elves play.

looking out the kitchen window

Once the kids are settled with some warm hot chocolate we could make our way into the dining room by way of the kitchen. My heart jumps a little when I see all of the smiles of friends and family near and far. These are the sweetest moments really. Soon this picture collage will be coming down to make room for the new greetings received in the mail.

a friend collage

The table is set with simple holiday cheer. A fun patterned table cloth and some sparkly candles.  No table chargers, fancy plates or goblets...a festive table cloth does just the trick.

christmas tree tablecloth

During this special time of year we celebrate our greatest joy...the one who was born thousands of years ago in a manger. You can pick out your favorite colored mug and warm drink and you just might start to feel your toes again.

Joy and peace to all

Into the living room we can go. I think the kids are still sipping that hot chocolate as I hear the bubbles going.

Christmas Decorations

A fun new addition this year is the train. The best part is watching five little kids all lay in wonder and then waiting the ten seconds until one of them knocks one of the cars off of the track and everyone squeals out their name in frustration.

It is one of those things that you know will happen...e.v.e.r.y. time! :-)

A train around the tree

There are a few new ornaments on the tree this year. One to remember our family road trip that we took in the Spring.


Mommy was given the Eiffel tower while the kids each received a shiny new mitten.

new ornaments

Years down the road I can't wait to reminisce about when the kids were young and daddy would take them out sledding. It only seemed fitting to get daddy a miniature sled this year.

a sled ornament

The seven stockings that I searched high and low for last year hang delightfully on the mantle this year.

seven stockings by the fire

After three failed attempts at trying to make homemade yogurt, I decided to use the mason jars that I bought for the experiment, and use them to create some shimmering bookshelf decorations instead.

Christmas decorations in mason jars

Once the day has come and gone...

and friends have gone home...

and kids are tucked into bed. 

My favorite place to come and sit is on the couch by the window watching the little lights with the snowy scenery out the window.

snowflakes in the window

It is a warm glow where you remember all of the little things (and little people) that make life so joyful.

Decorated fireplace

And if everyone stays in bed and drifts off to sleep then I might just get to enjoy that cup of coffee that I've warmed up three times so far while finally getting to read that magazine that came in the mail last week.

HGTV Holiday Magazine

That is until I glance up and see that there are only twelve days left and momma still has some things to prepare for that special day. 

But for now they can wait...

because I don't believe in warming up your coffee more than three times in one day.

Countdown until Jesus' Birthday!

Thanks for joining us on this tour!

Merry Christmas


  1. This made me laugh! Thanks for the great decorating idea, but also for keeping it real. I also don't have time for gold chargers, and elaborate centerpieces. I much prefer your style. Merry Christmas to you, and to your whole family!

    1. Thanks Tracy, Merry Christmas to you as well!


  2. Beautiful Sarah! I love all the blue. Those stockings are so pretty! And it truly is an inviting home- I love how much the sense of love and family pervades everything! Thanks for sharing it:)

    1. Krista,

      That is so sweet, thank you! I think mixing in the teals is one of my favorite parts. :-)


  3. Lovely! Everything is so festive and fun. Hard to believe there are only 12 days left.

  4. Love it! Very festive and kid friendly. Especially all the hot chocolate! =)

  5. What a warm story. Memories in the making for sure. Thank you for sharing this at my 12 days party.

  6. Very pretty and lots of great ideas! Love that train set. I've actually been thinking of getting something like this for my husband. He set up an old set we have this year, but I like the size of yours. Can I ask where you found it?

    1. Kathy,

      It was actually handed down to us by our adopted children's bio family. Unfortunately I'm not sure where they bought it. I hope you find the perfect one for your husband!


  7. Now your home is a 'real' home! Love all the sparkle and special touches you have placed everywhere. It's definitely a home to be filled with children's laughter!

    And I am so with you about not reheating coffee more than three times in on day! Too funny!
    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

  8. I love this post! I can SO hear all the kids and see all the tumbly-jumbly ruckus that happens, and yet I can also see all the love and joy that is shared in your warm home. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas season!

    1. Thank you Jenny! I hope that your Christmas is very wonderful indeed!


  9. Your house is so cheerful and colorful! Beautiful Christmas decor.

  10. Such a cheerful and warm home. It certainly is "An inviting home"!

  11. Sweet decorations! And I appreciate the real candles that actually get used, not just looked at ;-) My BFF lives in the Twin Cities area, spent many a night wandering around MN. Merry Christmas to you!

  12. Your house looks wonderful! I love the bright blues and reds! Love your Hershey ornament too! We live about 20 minutes from Hershey, so it is a big part of our Christmas traditions.

  13. Your home looks merry and bright! I am a bit jealous of the snow. I'd like to see some snow here. I hope to add a train to our Christmas in the future. Yours is very cute.


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