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Confidently Describing Your Decorating Style!

Have you ever wondered what your decorating style is? I recently learned that my style doesn't have to fit into one exact style. Quite often we like multiple things and they don't all necessarily fit into one style. However how can we define our style if we like multiple things? 

Up until this point I've always talked about my decorating style as being eclectic. Really it was just an excuse to say that I like different things and I'm also going to use what we have. I've never had a clear & defined picture of what my home style is...

my style is modern

until now!

A few months ago I mentioned that I was taking an online course from Jackie @ Teal & Lime. I had been following Jackie for a while now and loved what I saw in her own is gorgeous! 

What impressed me even more was that she could define her style in such a short and simple way. 

"My style is DIY Modern. To me that means simple, handmade & fun. My style is not minimal, rustic or neutral." ~ Jackie from Teal & Lime

I completed the five week course and honestly it didn't feel like work at all. It was fun every step of the way! 

modern curtains

What I loved about this course is that Jackie is self-taught and is so passionate about what she does. It was great taking the class with others and seeing various style preferences throughout. There was class interaction and Jackie was available to answer questions. 

modern tea light holder

By the end of the class I had narrowed down one of my key style preferences to "Modern." However there were elements of our home that I felt were a little bit more rustic, maybe? I was dreaming of doing a pallet wall upstairs and was thinking of possibly sprucing up the kids play house downstairs with some shingles. However when I looked at other "Modern Rustic" homes it just didn't seem to fit the look of our home.  

I got some input from Jackie and this is what she pointed out...

 "I see where your hang up is.  Rustic has a certain connotation of raw and rough.  But I think your tastes are a bit more refined than that.  The wood accents you describe are a very natural element, which I saw represented elsewhere in your house (family tree decal, birch trees, warm colors).  But, remember natural elements is part of modern style...a oneness with nature (why you see large windows and natural light, natural wood tones in modern design).  But, notice how it is much more refined and restrained than rustic.  The part that I think differs for you, is you like the texture of rustic touches (pallet wall, or shingles), but you are going to use it with restraint to make a focal point. So, how do you feel about Modern Texture?"  

After I pondered this for days I decided that Jackie was absolutely right! I tweaked my final definition and this is what I came up with in the end.

"My style is Modern TextureIt is inviting with pops of color, functional & inexpensive pieces 
and a little vintage charm. It has warmth, depth, and textureMy style isn't formal, cold or antique." ~ Sarah

Ahhhh, yes! That is it! 

I'll break it down a little bit more to help explain...

"Modern Texture" 

birch tree stencil

Whether it is our birch tree hallway upstairs, the Ikea lamp we have in our master bedroom or our meaningful gallery wall...I love clean lines, multiple layers and dimension.

ikea light

"It is inviting with pops of color"

modern ikea furniture

Having a welcoming space is so important to us. We want it to be inviting for our family and for others when they come over for a visit. Recently I've been branching out more from my past all neutral home and mixing in some pops of color. I love how adding color against a neutral background can make things so bright and cheery. Like the use of red in our sunny porch or the multiple colors incorporated into our dining room.

pops of color in dining room

"functional and inexpensive pieces and a little vintage charm"

vintage modern school desk

While our home doesn't have antiques I do love vintage things that remind me of cherished childhood memories. I also enjoy things that can add beauty and still be functional in a space, like our vintage school desk where the kids work on homework. Also, in order for me to be a stay at home mom as we continue living off of one income (while still being able to afford food & clothes for our growing kids) it just isn't going to happen for me to shop at high end stores buying pricey furniture and decor items. Not to mention that if I bought an expensive couch I would fret all day long that one of the kids were going to ruin it. I'm all about getting a good deal and doing a little DIY to get a look that we can afford.

outdoor firepit

"It has warmth, depth & texture."

DIY striped curtains

The pillow aisle at Target is my down fall and I had been dreaming of striped curtains for years until I finally painted some of my own.

pops of color

"My style isn't formal, cold or antique."

menu board in the kitchen

I have no problem jotting down our weekly menu for all to see (even if we are having mac & cheese)...and we have potlucks in our home where I put out disposable plates and my fine china plastic forks. What I do like is keeping it simple and having a warm atmosphere for guests where candles and warm drinks are in abundance.


That is my style defined and why from this point on I will be going with Modern Texture. 

Knowing this has totally helped me look at possible new items or ideas for our home through the filter of ... will this fit in with the things that I most enjoy?

For instance I came across a steal of a deal at Sam's Club. They had small 40" x 60" faux sheepskin rugs in glacier white for $30! (There were lots more if anyone is looking. :-) After ten minutes of petting it and grinning I tore myself away from it and continued on buying groceries.

However a few days later when I was given some Christmas money from my wonderful in-laws I knew exactly what I wanted to get! It embodies my style in so many ways! Sure, it might not be practical (with so many feet roaming the grounds) but I've already caught the kids lying on it to read which makes me smile that I'm not the only one that enjoys it. :-)  

faux sheepskin rug

The best part about this whole thing is being able to share with ya'll about Jackie's upcoming class! Another 5-week, Define Your Style e-course begins on January 13th! Use the code "Inviting" to save 10% off of the course fee. You can find out more information and register by clicking here.

Define Your Style E-Course

What are you waiting for? Sign up today! :-)

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  1. Sarah,

    It was truly a joy having you in class and helping you define your style. I love how you are breaking it down to share exactly what it means in your home. And, applying it to your purchases! Thank you so much for your awesome support and testimonial!

    1. Thanks Jackie, your class was such a great experience!


  2. Sarah,

    Your home is so beautiful. I'm glad that you were able to define your style as "Modern Texture". I don't know what my style is. I'm still learning what I like. I've almost been married 4 years and thus only had my own place for 4 years. Sometimes I wish I could afford to have a professional come in and help me figure out what I like. I'll have to look into the online course and figure out if it's possible.


    1. Amelia,

      Be encouraged! I am in my ninth year of having my own home and still figuring things out. :-) One of the things that I loved most about Jackie's class is that it is a one time fee (for the class) which then at the end gives you confidence to decorate your home the way that expresses you most and on the budget that works for you. That is a huge plus in my book because with a family of seven I might never be able to decorate if it wasn't for doing DIY projects and finding great deals all while knowing what I enjoy most. :-)


  3. Oh man, what an awesome class! I'd love to enroll but not sure if I'd be able to =/


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