Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Modern & Functional Bathroom Update

Happy New Year! It is great to be back after experiencing a special time with family over Christmas. I hope that you were able to make lots of great memories with special ones during this wonderful time of year.

I am so excited to finally share with you our main level bathroom update! Our one week project (what were we thinking!) that turned into a four week project (that sounds about right) turned out better than I could have ever imagined. There were definitely bumps along the way and we learned a lot but it was well worth it!

I'd have to say that the best part is knowing that this bathroom is good to go for YEARS to come...and functional too!

Before, we had the original 1950's bathroom with poor lighting, a low toilet that didn't always flush, a smelly & broken cabinet, an awkward sink and pink tiles. 
A modern and functional bathroom update with a hidden surprise!
Now we have a bright, clean & modern bathroom that is functional just as much as it is beautiful!

A Modern & Functional Bathroom Update

I'll start with my favorite...the floors!

We went with a porcelain tile that looks like wood. I really like the texture and overall look. It also turned out great that the lines in the room all flow long (the floors, sink and back splash) so it makes the room look even bigger. After all we are only working with a four foot by six foot space.

Porcelain tiles that look like wood

The cabinet & sink combo is another favorite. We found it at IKEA. (You can find a full source list at the bottom of this post.) Our door leading into the bathroom kept us from using a standard 18" depth bathroom cabinet. I didn't even want to think about what a custom one would cost. This combination ended up working out great because it maximized our space and looks like it was created for the room without giving the impression that it is actually a few inches smaller than standard cabinets. And the low price was phenomenal!

IKEA sink and cabinet combo

We also replaced the window. I love the contrast of the white trim against the gray wall color (check out these tips on how I narrowed down which gray paint to use.) I'm planning on putting some privacy film on the window so that we can maximize the light coming in (and not scare our neighbors.) The only problem is that the outside temperature needs to be above 40 degrees which is currently a problem in Minnesota (the high today was negative 1...negative!) For now a homemade paper towel curtain is standing watch until spring comes along with warmer temperatures.

Benjamin Moore Silver Lake Matte Finish

The IKEA cabinet/sink combo also had a medicine cabinet and shelf that fit the space. It is nice to be able to add some decor up high knowing that kids can't reach it. The storage in the medicine cabinet alone was totally worth it...on Friday I'll show you how we are making use of this new expanded storage.

Small Ikea Bathroom

While these yellow flowers look great in the pictures...they are currently no longer intact. The mason jar slid off of the toilet and broke into a million pieces (oops!) Now we are just down to one of the original two vases that I had made...and the other one is not going on the toilet. :-)

modern white bathroom update

The clean and simple shelves will do just the trick for adding some depth & texture...and you know what they say about having a living thing in every room of your house. Things that "look" living count too, right? This momma does not have a green thumb!

ikea bathroom update

The frosted cabinet doors keep everything light and airy while still hiding the items inside.

IKEA Lillangen cabinet and sink

The hooks that came with the sink work great to hang a hand towel on. In this room they work so much better than the towel bar that used to stick out of the wall. We designed the room to have an open space on each side of the sink so you can have a towel on each side, which really helps when we have TWO, or THREE, kids washing hands before a meal at the same time.

The Tile Shop back splash

This also means that with the wide sink I decided to go with not one but two soap dispensers. I picked these up from Walmart in the kitchen section. (*UPDATE: Click here to read why I don't recommend these soap dispensers.) They are plastic which is great when kids are present.

two soap dispensers at one sink

Now whether you are left handed or right handed we have a hand washing option for you! And the most incredible part of this whole bathroom remodel is...

two kids washing their hands at the same time

TWO kids can wash their hands at the SAME time! Ya'll know how many times us moms say, "go wash your hands please."

Sigh...I'm in heaven.

We decided to for go the metal brackets that IKEA sells as the base stand for this cabinet. Instead my (super talented) dad and I came up with this creation...a handy built in, pull out foot stool that the kids can access and use when needed.

IKEA hack pull out step stool under cabinet

We were able to do all of the labor ourselves (which includes a BIG thanks to my dad for all of his time, help & expertise!) and take advantage of Black Friday sales at the Tile Shop, sales at Menards and the low everyday prices at Ikea. (Update: You can check out this post to find out how we paid for this project.)

That about wraps up this bathroom reveal. Here is the transformed before and after again!
before and after of bathroom remodel

Source List

6 x 24 Porcelain Tile Floor - Timber Traditional (in gray) from Menards

Do you have any remodeling projects planned for 2014?

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